Help... what is causing this and how do I treat it?


Help… this Northern Lights is in early flowering and developing these soft black spots that are enlarging. It’s losing 5 fan leaves per day that turn completely yellow first. Itvis in a poor circulation area and I’ve started treating it with hydrogen peroxide… any suggestions?



It is healthy otherwise



Have you checked for pest, bugs that bore themselves into plants will do that and make it rot like that.


Oh OH…
black or brown= not good.
pests or fungus…hard to say
but…your plant looking good, no yellow leaves ect.
check your soil for bugs or fungus…maybe you need to flush and use some pesticide idk
when i see something “black” that’s alerting me…


Yup looks very similar to borer’s holes… where is that pesky bud thingy… think @SmoknGranny had a link… sorry if it wasnt you. Maybe @raustin. One of u lovely ladies had it (bug identifier link)


There’s a couple online like this one :grin:


My bad. Thanks anyway :+1:t5::smile: