Help..what does this!?


Happens at nite with life’s off…


What does this!!???


grimlins? one stem looks really red,maybe that is a sign?


Do you have pets? …or maybe rodent issue?


A dog…no issues…rodents…dont think so…
Damage is very random…slowed down after a store bought pesticide…


My voodoo dolls broke…





Well, something’s eating it ?!

Occam’s razor suggests the dog might be a suspect, but most people are unaware if they have a mouse or two in the house

(but not me)


Getting traps as we speak… let you know…


peanutbutter and syrup is the best bait ive found @caymus61


Best thing to do my friend is put a game camera in your grow room get exactly what is doing it that way you can plan the eradication of whatever rodent or bug is destroying your babies but make sure you don’t get one without a flash as this will screw your night cycle if its that time but i’m sure you knew that already you can pick up a cheap IR one at a pawn shop this time of year and I think personally have had good luck getting a lot of info with one of these cheap cameras like who goes in or out of your room as well lol. I hope this helps I have gotten so much help from you all here so maybe i can start to return the favor I have an ir video camera in my room so i can record the grow process and then play it at about a 1000x speed its actually pretty informative on what and how your plants did throughout the grow process good luck with the pests.


Agreed, peanut butter works great. Sticks well and they love the first bite.


I would think they hate the first bite…but… that’s just me…IR camera…brilliant…
Gonna borrow one…got figure out how to isolate inner leaves if critter is insect…and small…I actually hope it’s a mouse…still using insecticide…environmentally friendly too… thanks …


I bet the dogs the one nibbling at the leaves, one of mine used to nip a leaf once in awhile, was never sure which one, either way it’ll be interesting to find out, keep us posted and pics of the culprit would be awesome!


Every time I go check on my plants my cat got hit by a car several years ago and he loves eating leaves he medicates every day and you can tell a big difference in that cat after he has a nice frosty :leaves: leaf if he could get in the tent he would eat all of it he keeps the rodents away I keep him medicated I’ll snap a leave off and he stands there and you have to hold it in front of him for him to eat otherwise he won’t LOL he is a few fries short of a happy meal


now thats good stuff right there @Hogmaster


This is a genuine great story :+1::pray:t3:Thank you for that


It’s so true I’ll have to get a picture of it and let everyone see he is a crackhead at least that’s what I call him but he’s a good cat


I would love to see that hog master…

I read if you boil three cigarettes and and some hot sauce to it that it makes a good safe pesticide that you can spray on yur plant


I’m sure it does I want to order one of Roberts controlled pesticides or whatever it is he has it also like to try his nutrients I’ve been very fortunate and not had any issues knock on wood with bugs