HELP! WHAT do i do with theses girls?

Last yr i was in the process of getting some very intense dental surgery, unfortunately I got a very bad infection and was down for a couple weeks. During that time my my autos we’re pollinated with a regular long-term girl…now i have THOUSANDS of seeds… I harvested what I could out of it and kind of just left the others to do what they will I noticed even though that I wasn’t taking care of them those suckers were growing real hardy all winter into this year’s grow I have plants that are now regenerating and growing as I planted them this year oh, weird huh. Green winner I don’t really go out and mow the lawn so some of our lawn was over 5 ft tall when I got to this one spot lo and behold here’s this beautiful female plant about a foot shorter than the surrounding weeds and stuff around it…


I’m so sorry I did not include the second part of this plant question. Before it got as big as it is now there was a one stem coming up the middle which produce a healthy amount and it looked literally looked like a football, but it was fluff after I dried it, it was really potent, tasty. The 2nd picture that I’m showing with my finger… I cut it off and now it’s just gone massively wild…got reall fat around…iam in Redondo Beach Ca, i use Fox Farms…I don’t know what to do with it, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Maybe reinforce her below the split to make sure it doesn’t get worse. I’d probably wrap the main stalk and maybe prop the secondaries.

Then let her grow. Looks like you’re about to get a lot of flowers for very little effort.

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Maybe crisscross/figure8 some medical tape around that and keep an eye on it. Remove the tape when it looks like it’s healed.

Thank you for your response, I have never ever had anything like this before, I don’t even know what you mean by wrap the stock LOL, no trimming? LOL not that I would even know where to begin to trim …this one really got me and I’ve been growing for a long time but it’s always in the 7 gallon fabric pots, this one was a total shock actually I have two of them that just popped up out of the ground LOL and I don’t know what to do with either one of them

The middle stock I cut that probably a month ago at least …so I should just tape around it to give it support? And then prop up the underneath ones that are massively laying all over the ground, the other one that I have that just popped up out of the ground is not as bushy is this and it doesn’t hit the ground

Wrap some electrical tape around the main stalk, just below the “T”, then do a figure 8 wrap around the “T” itself.

She’s a beauty. Especially for a popup plant. I wouldn’t even mess with her too much after reenforcing the stem. She seems to be thriving without any help. Keep an eye on her just in case she needs some help and be ready to prop her up when she flowers.


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Yeah you’ll want to get anything on the ground up off the ground. It causes rot and that’s something you definitely don’t want.

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So iam thinking some kind of wooden cage type thing with soft codring laced back n forth then more cord to tie up the branches…or lol I’m really sure you/ somebody can get me some better advice on how to support these lower branches, I have never dealt with something like this Big Canna mama…iam lost, i dont know HOW or WHERE to start to trim her, or do i even need to trim? OH BOY SHE IS A SMELLY GIRL!!! FILL THE AIR

It is basically a wild plant. I think I would fix the break and let her go.

The easiest thing would probably be a wire reinforcing mat (the kind that’s 3 or 4" squares) or a little bit of plastic safety fencing with big holes.
Wrap it around the plant and anchor it, then pull colas through, like a vertical SCROG net.

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