Help! What disease is this?

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I’m no pro but it looks like nute burn or possibly a potassium deficiency

What are you growing in?
What nutrients are you using?
What strength(ppm) are you feeding?
What’s your runoff numbers?(ph/ppm)

I’m growing in 2.5 gallon pot.

The nutrients are miracle grow soil plus, Flower Power “all in one Bloom fertilizer,” watered every 4th day, with “all in one Foliar fertilizer” sprayed every 5th day.

The ph/ppm, is measured at approximately, 6.30

Thank you so much for replying.


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Can you post a picture with the entire plant in it. Preferably in the most natural light you can.

i thought low N – not likely so a pH thing maybe – light burn
it’s fine - an old palm leaf that has done its duty - ur in late flower stage --iffy-ish when to cull older leaves - that one id pull or it will die soon anyway hence cull

That’s what I thought. It’d help to see the whole plant. Is this an older leaf?

Enclose is the picture of “Debora.” I must say though I did cut off the bad leaves prior picture.

Thank you for replying.


This is the whole plant. I must admit that I cut off the disease leaves prior taking the picture.

Thank you for replying


To me it seems like you have a cal/mag issue. Try adding a tsp of epsom salt per gallon of water you feed.

this is interesting-ish - the chemical element chart of - Nutrient Knowledge: Marijuana Plant Nutrient Deficiency & Excess Chart

a philosopher wrote the obvious “it’s interesting when people die” – or plants ---- and your burning you plant with too much nuts

Will do. Thank you imSICKkid.

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hansenmv, thank you. The nutrient deficiency-chart is now on my “favorites.”