Help! what did I do and how do I fix it 😩

Is 100% correct. That’s why I said.

And I would feed with more pH adjusted calmag or nutrients to bring that pH up into range. You can make your feed high to counter balance.


Were you able to get tds or ec readings as well?

I hadn’t seen “my weed minerals” until now. What is the skinny on it? I went and looked up and they lost when I read “created with proprietary magnetic vortex technology”. Sounds like magic snake oil in a bottle.


I agree totally rare and now learning that he’s been using distilled…thats the issue.

#1 don’t use distilled it strips your nutrients super fast.
#2 you can’t PH water thats under 200ph, it won’t hold the PH its useless.

It’s skme sort of deficiency its probably multiples if distilled is being used.

Get a run off tsd number but I’m guessing it’s missing all sorts of nutrients including micro because of the distilled.

@MH47 good call, i didn’t have that info when I wrote what I wrote but as we can see everyone agrees distilled is the enemy.

@beardless has heard me say it often enough lol a soil slurry test would be Awsome and that Is the only use for distilled


When I first started this, I watched a few growers and one had a list of items that he used that he uses ( before I found y’all :hugs:) and I thought it would be easier to recreate his items because this is my very first grow. They got it today, so I will let you know how magical it gets :snake: :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


I just had to google what tds and ec is. Learning new stuff everyday. Ordering off of Amazon tonight.

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TDS (total dissolved solids) is nothing but a catch all term for all the ‘stuff’ in your water. Higher number = more ‘stuff’, lower number = less ‘stuff’. A water report should give you TDS measured in parts per million (ppm) and a list of everything by ppm in your water.

Metallic could be a lot of things and a water report should tell you what those are. Iron, copper, lead, etc… something will be higher than everything else. Of course taste threshold can be different for different elements as well.

If your water is crappy you could cut it with low TDS RO or distilled. …but I wouldn’t use 100% distilled or 100% low TDS RO. Great for brewing, not so much for plants (there’s nothing in it but hydrogen and oxygen)

If your tap is like flammable or something, see if you can get ‘drinking water’ or ‘spring water’ instead of distilled. If so, use the code on the jug to get the water report from the mfr. it should list everything by ppm.

One last thing (I think), if you use tap or a portion tap and distilled, ensure you dechlorinate by letting a cpl gallons sit out a cpl days. I use chlorine test strips and it takes 2 gal of my tap in a 5 gal Home Depot bucket 48 hrs to dissipate the chlorine. Volume, surface area, beginning chlorine concentration are all factors.

Your mileage may vary.

well maybe misting humidifiers and irons


Ohhh zing! Got me


And for storing PH pens!

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It’s not recommended to use distilled for apera pens at least. Better off using the 4.0 test solution if out of “storage solution”. Says so in the manual. Lol. Do not use distilled water. Because it has 0ppms. Not sure how that effects glass. But gonna find it now. Because I’m bored and tipsy. Lol

Horrible picture. But should be legible.

Of course this is referring to long term storage. Just gotta keep it moist if often use.

So do not store your apera pH pens in distilled water.

Thank you so much for this!! I appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me in great detail. You made it very easy to understand.

I do have a couple questions about this step and they may sound silly…when you put your bucket outside do you have a lid on it or does the lid stay off? And can I do this in the winter when it snows?

I pulled the water quality report for my area. ( I didn’t know it was so easy to obtain :rofl:)
Now I need to figure out what all this means :thinking:

I am over the moon happy with all that I’m learning and continue to learn!! Thank you again :orange_heart:

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I don’t set my tap water outside. I fill my bucket to the 2 gal mark in the laundry room sink and set it by the washing machine :joy:

I don’t put a lid on it so the chlorine can dissipate.

Cheers! :beers:


I used distilled water to build my brewing liquor and to do soil slurry tests. I don’t drink it and I don’t water plants with it because there are no minerals in it

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I’m fairly confident you have a ph issue because you cant ph water with with little to no minerals. You may THINK that your feeding a good ph but your not. There are several ways to buffer the water before adding anything to it but is a pain in the ass.


@Budz I don’t store mine in anything lol

Hi all!!
Completed a flush with cal-mag and my weed minerals on 9/7, gave the girls a couple of days to rest then trimmed the leaves that were crispy. Today watered with tap water that has set out for about 5 days - pH on this was 7.68 and reading on the TDS meter was 312 ppm. ( still learning about what this means) added 5ml of cal-mag and 10ml of my weed minerals ( followed instructions on the bottles for amounts) and pH’d the water to 6.74.

We are on day 63 from when the girls popped from the soil. Thinking I’m going to give them this week to make sure they’re good then flip to bloom next week. I purchased ILGM weed fertilizer and hopeful it will be in next week. :yellow_heart:

Thank you for all of the advice


Sounds like you are definitely on the right track now brother. :v:


Looks great!


The ladies are looking nice and healthy :love_you_gesture:


Have you tried aeration with small air pump and air stone? I no longer have chlorinated water, but I could start mine in morning and would be clear by the time I got home from work.


That would absolutely work. I water then refill the bucket. By the time I need it a few days later it’s ready. No power required.

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