Help what causes this I dont know what the problem is

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That brown tip might be just a tiny bit of “nute burn”, the twisting could be pests but looks more like a bit of genetic weirdness. I have had a few plants do this but they turned out just fine.

Sometimes leaves twist/curl/pucker from fast growth. The one tip does look slightly burned, so you may be pushing them a little on nutes. Do you check PPM and pH?

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Yes I check ph everytime it’s about 5.8 I thought nutrient burn as well so last 2 waters I watered with just PhD water this was day before yesterday and 2 days before that the cut it the leaves it was I’m worried about most it’s on a couple different plants

I’ve only watered with nutrients twice so far and it was under the recommended dose each time

If you are in soil that ph isn’t right. Should around 6.5 I believe. Y’all correct me if I missed something. Dont know if that’s your problem but will be a problem in itself.

I’m in coco perlite mix

Ah… I do think ph is different for coco than soil.

Here’s what I found on Coco. You should check your runoff pH occasionally too, so you know what the root zone pH is.

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