Help! What can I defoliate?

Hi, so my question is what fan leaves can I take off my plants ? There are some fan leaves that will never get light , can I take these without hurting these plants. ? Sorry if this is a dumb question


Ok you only take off the fan leaves that are blocking other buds sites also have u lollipopped ur plant

I haven’t, this is only my second grow and I am just learning

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Ok. Just open up the bud sites

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Aha ok my recommendation is go on YouTube and what a few videos on defoliation and lollipopping that what u can see what they are doing ,telling you how to do it is fine but ur better off seeing it for ur self Lollipopping Cannabis Plants to Increase Yields [How to Defoliate Properly] - YouTube Lollipopping, Defoliating & Topping Cannabis Plants! - YouTube watch these videos this will give u a better idea

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This is a link to my grow journel on this site. I aggressively defoliate on day one of flower and again on day 21. I cut off every fan leave. They grow back smaller and the buds get much more light.

It will not hurt your plants to take off fan leaves, especially if they are shading other buds

When I decide it’s time to defoliate (if these were mine it would be time) I pick a mid sized leaf and then I remove every leaf that is larger. If it hurts my grows I haven’t noticed…

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These are some before and after on day 21 of flower

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And now Day 38 of flower

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@oldmarine @Riskguy @Aussie_autos

Thank you guys for taking the time to reply, I think will open these up a bit. I’m flipping them soon.


Ur welcome @Biged719 anytime