Help! Weird Seedling Issues

Hi! I germed 6 seeds the other day, and 5 of them popped up within a day… 4 of them look fine but I have issues w 2 of them.

1.) 1st seed issue… the fem AK seed had the helmet on for a long time…possibly too long…it was at an angle so the cotyledons were poking out the sides of the shell getting light but where the first set of serrated leaves are supposed to come up it was blocking them… it wouldn’t fall off on its own so a couple days ago I misted it and blew on it slightly until it fell off (I know… I’m not supposed to interfere or manually remove he shell…but I read some posts that said this is fine to do…) I’m wondering if it will just never be able to produce the serrated leaves and therefore I should start over? Or… will it just take a while? It’s been 3 days and still looks the same with larger cotyledons and nothing else… I’ve never seem a seedling like this before.

2.) 2nd seed issue— fem Gelato- after germinating in paper towel for 2 days a 1cm rap root popped out and I planted 1/2 inch like the others. It never came up the next day like the other 5. I waited 3-4 more days… still nothing… so, despite knowing you shouldn’t mess w a seed under ground, I decided to see what it looked like. It turns out it was a little deeper than I remember planting it and the dirt was packed a little too much I think. The crazy thing to me was that the tap root was the exact same length as it was 4 days earlier when I took them out of The paper towel. I received some free feminized Gelato seeds for buying others so maybe they are of lesser quality and that is the issue here. Anyway; they were free so I was ok w experimenting to see what the seed looked like after 4 days under dirt. I used tweezers and now put it back in dirt. I’m wondering if I would be better off putting it back in paper towel method until taproot gets longer? Or maybe just pop another one and call this 1 a dud? Any ideas on why this one didn’t ever grow? Any help here OTHER than telling me that I shouldn’t be using paper towels to germ are welcome. I’ve just seen a lot of posts regarding people having germinating issues and the thread always turns into an argument over putting seeds directly into soil vs using paper towel to pop first. I realize they both work… this is the first time paper towel method has let me down…if you want to call it that…I’m more curious about what happened here and/or if there is still hope for this little stagnant seed. Thanks all!

It may take some time for the leaves come out, also, I’ve had a couple grow the cotyledons out, and that’s it.
Paper towel method is good, it’s the way I do it.
We’ve all planted that one seed too deep, it happens. I tried to combat this by poking a large hole, and covering very loosely with a small amount of dirt.
Happy growing! :seedling:

They look very dry.

The first week of August I had a seedling that I tried starting in rock wool. It was my first time in rock wool and I made a mistake by not enlarging the hole. The seedling started growing but the seed shell kept it from coming up because it was trying to push past itself and got stuck.

I peeled the rock wool away and planted in soil. It was ugly and all twisted on itself and the sucker leaves never formed. The second set of leaves couldn’t unwrap themselves either, but after struggling a few weeks it took off and this is what it looks like now

There is always hope.

Nice! That’s good to hear… I leave it be and hope it turns out OK.

Good idea. Thanks!