HELP! Week 4 flower, plants dying?

First grow

3 gallon pots. 400 w hps. Canna flora. Week4 flower
Watered when needed/nutes. Have those flies in the soil. Temps between 71-79. Not so humid.

Hey, could anyone helpe me understand what is happening here? Im beginning to be a little stressed out.
Havent got to check ph yet, the ph thingy was broken (-.-). But tapwater here is pretty good. Been in 3 gallon pots for 2 months. Flushed one time. Had no signs like this before 12/12 and untill 8-13 days ago. Thats when I first flushed them. Was a bit strong with the nutes I think, I thought it was nitrogen diffinency at first. Also, I had to bend some of the plants down in the start of flowering and they are the ones that are the most “looking sick” now, could it be stress aswell? The bent ones has more “colas” on em, but they develop slower. And was first to show problems. Is pot to small for minimal LST?

Heres the link to other pictures.

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