Help, wats wrong

They are 23 days old but seem to have stopped growing, and couple leaves got this twist n yeah… they’re in coco with 4-4-4 and I’m watering with water at 6.4.haven’t in 3 days cuz I thought I over watered.

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I don’t grow in coco but that Ph seems high for coco. @Nicky @Not2SureYet @Covertgrower


Should be 6.

Yeah, about this size they’ll stall for a bit. Wait for more roots, then you’ll see more leaves. They’ll take off shortly after.


Thanks I’ll bring it down more


Is ideal hydro / coco PH, remember PH swings up so I ussualy PH for 5.8 then wait till I see 6.1 before I re PH.

What type coco, and how did you prep it?