Help water filter system for home


So got this water filter system for my well water. This is a brand new house to me and have never dealt with a filter system. I am not sure what something are for. I know the one on the right is for the salt. The one to the far left is holding tank. The container that is on the floor is were I a bit confused. I am supposed to ad bleach, soda ash I think is what it was and pH up. The pervious owners had a written note. Not really helpful. It say to add 24oz of bleach to 5 gallons. So is that for each 5 gallon bucket I do? Anyone?? Maybe something?? @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Majiktoker


Watch salt build up if your using a water softener @Smokin_ernie
Is that a ro filter ? What’s in the small. plastic tank ?


Not too sure if it is an RO fliter. The small container is where I am confused a bit the previous owner added bleach soda ash and pH up. Have not found any owners manuals for the system.


Is there a tag on the tanks ? And is it hooked up to the fiberglass looking tank take a picture of that for me and any tags on it as well
The one on right is definitely a water softener
Big blue is your pressure tank ?
@Smokin_ernie did you out of curiosity test the water ph and ppm
And when you bought the house did you do a water test during inspection


Yes big blue one is pressure tank. The one on the right I added salt to it which I picked up at hardware store. It was a green bag from Morton. I will take some more pics when I get home from work. I don’t believe there were any labels on the fiberglass looking one. When I take pics I look it over for some labels. Thanks

pH is a 6.5 believe it or not and ppm was about 500. Yes we had water tested and I know it was good for drinking and using but don’t remember the specifics of it. I see if I can find the results.


Ok bro sounds good I’ll be looking for update
Let me know
Fiber glass and take is part of water softener system
I’m so stupid lol I already know what it is
Question is why the smal plastic one ?


Thanks Bro I am completely clueless about the system. The small plastic tank has a pump that looks like it pumps water into water pipes. I get you more info later.


Cool I’ll need to do some research on it but I will get the info hahahaha
I have a friend who’s a master plumber I’ll ask him if we need to lol


And I am clueless @Smokin_ernie never had to deal with well water, sorry bro!


So did you see any tags on that injector pump @Smokin_ernie it look similar to the pumps we use to inject our tower with chemical treatment ?
See if that has a tag and I believe you said the plastic take didn’t have anything
Do you have a water report?


Thanks @bob31


I was looking over it last night and didn’t see any tags but then again it was late and I was stoned! haha Forgot to ask my wife for the water report. Had a buddy stop by last night and he ended up staying late and forgot to take pics. Got to go visit dad after work. He is in the hospital. Then I will take some pics. Thank you so much!


ok brother, I’m here for moral support and just in case I ever own a place on a well. @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks I need it! It is just a learning curve which feels like the new house has a few learning curves. I will manage with the help of some friends!


@Smokin_ernie no rush I’m around when you get a chance hope dads ok brother


Yeah man sorry to hear about you Dad! That sucks. I hope he’s not to far away?

I’m sure if nothing else we can match it up on google or something. I’m surprised the old owner didn’t leave you some instructions or something. I know I sure would! @Smokin_ernie


Had blood clot in his leg and not the first one either. Had major surgery to fix it but he has a pulse in his foot now which he had not before.


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 finally got some more info looking on line and it appears it is an injection system that ups the pH in the well water. So if I have it right and see what you think This is what was written on a note the previous owners left. 24oz/5 gallon of odor free bleach 10lbs soda ash (sodium carbonate)/15 gallon. So I would end up adding a total of 20 gallons to the holding tank. We had a water test done but the info got lost in the move. So next looking into a place that can test or maybe a home kit or something. Anyways thank for you help.


You can get a home kit at Home Depot
And the town may be able to tell where to drop sample off also
I’ve never seen a ph injection system in my area
Around my way ? Cool
I’m guessing it high ph ? @Smokin_ernie


@Countryboyjvd1971 we are low on pH so have to ad up to system.