HELP! Wanting to grow 2 plants from seeds

I don’t know where to start. I have grown mature plants ,but not seeds. Can someone please guide me? What do I need other than seeds to start. I only have room in tent for 2 plants fully grown. What soil, nutrients, do I buy one of these starter kits or what? I am going to grow gorilla glue auto flowering. Please guide me! Thanks

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Welcome to the.hobby! I would do fox farms ocean forest, greenleaf nutrients, and check HLG lights.


What do I use for germination? I have no clue what to do from the beginning of seeds at all where do I start?

I’m using the ff trio nutes, but I’ve been hearing a lot about Jack’s 123 lately. And advanced nutrients (i believe)are supposed to be real good good too.
I like the advice. Hlg are great lights, just got my 135 rspec yesterday, and I have a 65 4000k.
And I love the ocean forest.
Great minds think alike. Or stoners do. Lol.

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Drop them into a cup of water for 24 hours. They should have a tap root. If not put them into a damp paper towel for another 24. Then if they’re autoflowers I’d suggest putting them right into the pot you plan to have them in permanently.

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There appear to be two major camps for germinating the seeds. They both begin by soaking seeds in water, with or without a little hydrogen peroxide added. Most soak between 24 and 48 hours. Many will remove the seed from the water and place in damp paper towel, others will wait for the seed to split and plant directly into soil. It’s important to keep the seed warm during the soaking and germination stages to speed things along.

Once the seeds are planted in soil they can be placed under lamps. After the seeds pop up the most common reason for seedlings to fail is overwatering. Everyone seems to have their own strategy to watering in the early days and you might loose a few seedlings until you find something that works for you, I know I lost some before I found something I’m comfortable with.

You can read many journals or just ask everyone for their technique and what works best for them.

What I do, if you’re interested, is soak the seeds, w/ or w/o hydrogen peroxide. I’ve tried it both ways, this last grow I used a little hydrogen peroxide. I placed the cup of water on a seedling heating mat and within 48 hours 23 of 23 seeds germinated. I placed the seeds directly into small pots filled 3/4 with Ocean Forest and 1/4 Fox Farms Light Warrior seed starter. The seed starter doesn’t hold water well which makes it hard to drown your seedlings. I gave the pots a good watering, opened a small hole, placed the seed inside and covered it back up. 21 of 23 popped up in a couple days, the other two I had to dig down and find to help them out. Now all 23 are growing. I’ve misted them lightly a couple times, but otherwise have left them alone.

You must think I have a gigantic grow space to germinate 23 seeds, but I had an amnesia Haze autoflower foxtail on me this summer. When I harvested it I found about 100 seeds. Got rid of the pot, kept the seeds. Wanted to try a grow using autoflowers in a SOG. I have room for about 15 in a 3x3 tent using 1 gallon pots and AutoPot watering system. I’m going to take the best seedlings and discard the rest.

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Welcome to the community. You have received some great advice so far. Check out the guides in th link ILGM Guides

I soak my seeds in distilled water with hydrogen peroxide and then go to party cups. I like to use clear with holes in the bottom and then put them in solid cups to keep light from roots. The clear let me monitor root growth and better judge transplant timing.

Soil sand nutes a more difficult to guide. It depends on the level of involvement you want, what you can purchase and your budget.

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