Help wanted please

can someone one help me I have my seeds set up like this I’m going to transplant them in the soil outside I have 75 watt grow lights about 10 inches away I’m not over watering ph is at 6.5 I believe possibly bugs may have caused the wilting I sprayed neem oil over all after I noticed am I missing anything else or doing something wrong

Ok I was scared of over watering so lower the light cuz the plants are stretching for the light that is too far away so about 4 inches from the tops of the plants good for the light?

What do you mean for water to run off

Use a spray bottle @bobmcveezy and get your light closer those pots your using make it hard to transplant start in a solo cup way easier

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What’s the best way to transplant punch holes in those pots ? I thought they just dissolved in the ground when you plant them

They say that but with Cannabis they have trouble breathing through those pots

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So next time just use the red disposable solo cups and what cut out the bottom when I get ready to transplant?

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It’s better to plant in a clear solo cup and place the clear solo cup in an opaque solo cup. This way you can monitor the root structure and not worry about exposing the roots to light


Great idea

Just simply cut the solo cup off. Then transplant. Squeezing it usually works for me.


Your seedlings are way too stretched. Transplant and bury stem in dirt and get light way closer


I’m just a beginner also but the last 6 I had starting for my grow room I was using a double bulb florescent light and I had to get them 2 inches from light to get them to stop stretching but I had to water them at least twice a day. If a seed makes root 1st then your seedling will need to be watered and I also sprayed mine and they grew to be 3 inch tall bushes. I’ll send you pics of mine in morning.

Just make sure to burn the holes in the bottom edges while the cups are paired, so they will line up and drain properly.

Yep… I use a lighter to burn holes along the edges of the bottom. Works great.

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you mite want to get some one gal cloth pots and transplant them into them for now and stick them into the soil about 1/2 inch from the top of the plant for support. Then when their in their 2nd week of veg you can put them outside second week of veg I mean when they have 5 to 6 true sets of leaves then they should be strong enough for outside