Help w/Nitrogen Deficiency & FF Tiger Bloom

Need some help RE feeding my 45 day old (from sprout) Amnesia Haze autoflower in it’s 1st week of flower. Pretty sure I have a Nitrogen deficiency as leaves at bottom are yellowing/dying. Should I feed it 100% dosage of Fox Farms Tiger Bloom or continue with 50%? I’m thinking 100% which would be 10ml per gallon since looks pretty bad at bottom. See pics below.

Since runoff PPM’s were previously over 1,000, my first ever FF Tiger Bloom feeding at 50% dose (i.e 5ml) was not until just 3 days ago (2/29) when I saw first leaves starting to yellow. I have NOT fed it anything since.

First pic was from 2/28 and last pic with dead leaves was taken today.

Amnesia Haze Auto from IloveGM
Method: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
Vessels: 5 Gallon fabric pot
PH of water going in is 6.8/ Run off = 6.6
PPM/TDS = 1,050
Flowering started around 2/24/20
Indoor = 4x4 grow tent in garage
Light system = 2 ES 300 LED’s at 100%
Temps; Day = 85F; Night = 70F
Humidity; Day = 55%, Night 50%
Ventilation system; 12" oscillating fan on wall
deHumidifier = set to 45%
Co2 = No

This pic was taken 2/28

This pic from TODAY

I just realized FF Grow Big (6-4-4) has more Nitrogen than Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) so here is what I’m thinking. Feed full dose (2 tsp) of Grow Big and 1/2 dose Tiger Bloom (1 tsp) then wait 3-4 days to see how plant reacts.

Next time I’m going to go by what the leaves tell me and not PPMs to determine when to fee. Should have fed it nutes sooner.

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I’d take it easy with the tiger bloom, strong stuff and I see some clawing of your leaves, which is a sign of too much bloom nutes and probably some heat stress, your pushing the temps, might want some better ventilation. I’d go with the growbig for the nitrogen as the ocean forest is probably pretty depleted at this point, and maybe some calmag if using RO water.

Thanks for the reply! This is my first ever grow so I was focusing on leaf color and didn’t even pick up on the clawing. Thanks for pointing that out. Going to adjust my 6" Cloudline fan to come on at a lower temp to help w/any heat stress.

Is it normal for the very bottom fan leaves to start dying off this early in flower? I added a few pics I took today to see if anyone has thoughts on whether this is a Nitrogen deficiency or something else. I was thinking N deficiency b/c of yellowing only on lower leaves, plant is lighter shade of green, etc.

I would check out FF web sitr and feed their schedule. I grow with their trio and follow to the T and have great results. I would feed the schedule suggestion and add 5ml of calmag per gal of water to it. Calmag helps plants deal with the temps you get during the day and the plant is going to want more now it is in flower. It also normaly has N in it. Trim those yellow leaves man and keep an eye new growth. Looking good still

@Axemanjake23 I have been using 5ml of CalMag per 1 gallon of RO water EVERY time I water the plant. Do you think I should use more than 5ml?

I’m following the FF green schedule more closely than I did before, but still only going to do 50% on the tiger bloom b/c my PPM’s in feeding solution are close to 900 and runoff hovers between 900 to 1,200.

Thanks and looking forward to first harvest assuming thinks keep going the right direction!

Hmmm, sounds like you are spot on. Ur ppm is about what I keep mine at most of the grow. Those leaves just were no use to the plant and she let them go. Is my guess.