Help w/indoor growing

In the past, I successfully grew personal-use outdoor marijuana plants in California and used the water germination technique.

To control and facilitate early plant growth, my process would always start indoors. For germination, I kept the water in a cupboard, used gloves, removed and replaced water (Desani) on a daily basis, and used sterile tweezers. When the seeds began to show their tails, I would place in small pots, used fish tank-type fluorescent tubes for the seedling process until they became above 6-8" tall (+/-) and a little bit bushy. I would transfer to 5-gal or larger pots and grow under three larger fluorescent fixtures until they were 12-18" tall. Once they were nice and healthy I would grow outside in my backyard.

Currently, I used the same germination technique, I am somewhat following the seedling growth process mentioned above, and I plan on growing the plants indoors b/c I am currently living in a state where it is illegal to grow marijuana.

Seeds being seeds, only 3/5 ILGM’s GG4 feminized seeds germinated, so I am not complaining.

But being a new indoor grower, I have a few questions:

  1. I am using a 60-watt CFL tube to grow the seedlings positioned about 3-4" from the top of the seedling leaves. I could not find any 36-watt CFLs in my area, so I went w/60-watts and increased the distance from 2" to 3-4". Is this recommended?

  2. Should the seedlings receive 24-hrs of light or just 18-hrs during this stage? I have heard debates on this topic and some people state that 24-hrs will not allow the seedlings to rest and some say 24-hrs is best. Previously and currently, I use 18-hours/day on a timer. Are 18-hrs appropriate?

  3. One of the three germinated seeds appears to be growing 2-separate plants. I have never seen this before during my growing career. Is it possible for a seed to have twins?

  4. Should I bring my seedlings and small plants outside during nice weather for fresh air? Neighbors will not notice b/c we have a small fence.

Thank you.


Sounds interesting.

Flourescent lights are fine to start plants and after switching to led full spectrum shop size lights to start plants under, i think good flouredcents might even be better gor starting them. I would read the plants to get my light height so they dont stretch too much. I run mine on 24 hours and add molassis to my medium to compensate for not having a dark cycle yet. 18 hours of light is fine though for starting, its a matter of preference and how you set up your grows. Finding twins is pretty cool, as are alot of anomalies that have been popping up. If you are growing inside id keep them in and if they are going out, i would keep them out of my indoor grows so you dont introduce pests

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Good enough for the seedling stage. You will need much more to veg and flower them. 3 plants should have minimum 400-500 watts full spectrum ( This will make a 4x4 footprint of good light)

Purely grower’s choice.

There have been other reports of this same condition.

:arrow_up: This. :arrow_up: :white_check_mark:

Contact customer service thru the seed shop and they will replace those duds no problem.


24 or 18 dosen’t really matter, thats why you get people saying both, both work with no real difference. I do both, most often 24 hours for upto the first 3-4 weeks of there life.

Twins are rare but do happen, congratulations :confetti_ball: on the 2 for 1 :grin: obviously separate them, but you probably already knew that…

Outside wouldn’t hurt them at all but if you’re not in a legal state then that’s a hard NO!
Not worth the risk at all my freind, many of us operate this way and its my opinion that you can never be to safe, the risk however small is not worth the benefit at all…

Thank’s and blessings to everybody that gave advice:)