Help, Very First Grow Off to a Rough Start!

Hey all,
I’m making my first attempt at growing and it’s not going great. I successfully germinated and started raising some Blue Dream Fems, but soon after the second set of leaves came through, they started getting this slight discoloration!
My setup is as follows:
2’ x 4’ x 5’ grow tent
Day temps 74-78, nights are 70-73
RH held consistent between 65-68%
1000w Bloomspect LED, currently at 30” above plants
Planted in rinsed and buffered coco coir/perlite in 70/30 ratio
I watered them with CalMag distilled water that was at 160ppm until day 7. That’s when a slight discoloration occurred. I measured the lux of the light to be 3,500-4,500, so I figured it must be a nutrient deficiency since it’s in coco. This morning (one day later) I fed with GH trio in 1/4 the recommended doses and calmag, coming out to be 260ppm and pH at 5.8. I don’t want to keep pushing nutes if it’s something else like light damage. I have to measure the runoff in the next couple days, but wanted a head start on knowledge if anyone has some to offer. Thanks!

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Can you snap a picture under normal lighting?

And welcome to the best growing forum. You’re going to like it here.

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Oh yes, of course!

They started out almost a white color and are progressing to a light yellow almost copper!

Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

To young for CalMag, that’s CalMag tox, IMO.

Getting germination on your first attempt is a success.

If am wrong on CalMag, it might be the light, however doubt that. Just know that light is not a true draw power of 1000w as advertised, it’s 183w, you may get disappointed in yield results.

You have the tools and done your diligence, you will do fine. She will recover.

Which nute line will you be giving her?

Thanks for the speedy reply! I was very happy I even made it to the planting portion, so thanks again. As for the CalMag tox, I’m not sure how to approach it. My well water has a measured 350-400ppm, so it’s pretty hard with calcium and mag. Should I just dilute my well water with a little distilled to get lower ppm?
Bummer about the light, but will I still get something worth growing for? What light do you recommend or use?
General Hydroponics Flora Micro/grow/bloom trio!

I don’t think 350ppm tap water is that bad. Do you have a pH meter reader? Distilled water is not commonly used to grow what we grow. Just don’t add anymore CalMag, she will recover. You won’t need CalMag for a few more weeks

Watering or feeding, just make sure they go through wet/dry cycles. Dont water or feed till you pick up the pot and it’s light (like picking up a pot that feels dry or empty). Because over watering really slows down the growth.

What you bought is what I and a few others, unfortunately fell victim too it’s called a burple. I bought one advertised at 1500w, it’s actually 185w. I have seen growers harvest from them, but with lower expectations than expected or advertised. If you have a budget for lights, I’d upgrade. Do you have a budget?

Am not a light guru, am not a ppm guru, as mentioned, your in a great forum.

When you reply, I can tag some folks, if they don’t find it first.

@ajkooienga as well @NeoGroR tags us, neo has been around awhile and well respected


Blurples…… give me flash backs.

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If you want a laugh and some great info read this

Blurple Buyer’s Support Group

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Do I follow a wet/dry cycle even with coco and perlite? And I do, my well water is right around pH of 6.8. So do you think my well water is safer than my distilled mix?
Shoot, oh well. Figured I would probably fall prey to one or two flashy “grow big buds” sales pitches, haha! I’d say I have a budget of $100-$150 for lights, if that’s even reasonable!

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@NeoGroR Hahaha, I’m joining your support group asap!

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Do you have an exhaust fan and a good place to vent to? If so, consider using that blurple to Veg and consider a CHM or HPS to flower, with that budget. You’d grow great weed with that set up.

I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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Overlooked the coco…that’s great for you :slight_smile: disregard my wet/dry cycles.

It’s a long read, but you can jump ahead. Hellraiser is growing in coco at the moment…

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Very reasonable.

@Hellraiser , can he grow in coco and perlite with the MH/HPS setup?

His tent is 5’, If I remember correctly.

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I have grown in Coco under an HPS, trick is just going to be making it fit in a tent.

With that budget, I recommend looking for a used Raptor hood and a 600Watt bulb and used Balyst. Just make sure everything is compatible for that wattage.

Remember that growing is about learning and it is well worth to invest into your knowledge and gain experience !


Sure thing.

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