HELP! Trying to make vape juice first time

I’m tryin to make vape juice from this revenue on ilgm. Don’t understand because everything else I’ve seen says I have to evaporate the alcohol. Can someone help me please

You still have to remove the alcohol.

There’s a very informative video on you tube about making this I suggust you watch a cpl videos it can be dangerous. You have to use low heat to evoperate the alchol. Like 160 degrees for 24 hrs

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For my money I’d goto @bob31 and @AnneBonny ,they know all about the vapes, wish I did

make sure u keep the fan on it i find a rice cooker is good for them thing i use to make oil like that and that is the safe way i knw so good luck


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I finally located that recipe you are referring too and it is a little vague as it fails to mention decarbing the MJ and also evaporating the alcohol. I don’t have to tell you that alcohol is a flammable and using it in a vaporizer could cause a fire.

There is a step missing where they alcohol is supposed to be left open and allowed to evaporate after the final straining. Once the alcohol is evaporated you use a dab tool or a Popsicle stick and roll the goo into a ball and add it to the vape juice.

I would suggest you use the site search tool and search the word vape

There are numerous topics dedicated to discussion on that and there are a lot of great ideas on how to extracting the MJ into a solid for adding it to vape juice. Using heat and pressure is another that work and is a lot safer that evaporating alcohol.

I make my own vape juice!

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Are you using a rosin press?

CB and Hog use the rosin presses. I have used locally procured shatter and wax and i have also done the alcohol evaporation method as well.

I am preparing for a low cost press. I have a hair straightener to press with clamps. I will be posting it over on this topic.

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