HELP ! Trying to grow

I am on my second pack of 5 seeds of White Widow and still having no luck getting them to sprout. I Have been a gardener for years and have weed growing in my backyard from years ago when buying weed that had seeds. I have tried soaking them 2-3 days then transferring the seeds to the paper towel in a plastic bag. Have used rain water for the soaking ( warm water) and have the containers with the soaking seeds in a dark space on a heating pad set on low. And still nothing. Also tried scoring a seed this time.

I’d try distilled water with some hydrogen peroxide for the soak. Your rain water may not be ideal.


Thanks , I have tried that also. I just don’t understand why so hard to start. I can cross pollinate and grow amaryllis and daylilys from seed. And have probably over 50 weed plants growing in my gardens already. But these are what comes back every year from seed.

I’m just like you @CJ2. Grow all sorts of stuff without problems.
I probably killed 3/4 of the first mixpack (15 seeds) I purchased. Couldnt figure out what was wrong.
Once you figure out a process you will have far more success. For most of us the single biggest killer is too much water. I killed a few messing with them too much during the germinating process. I think we tend to overdo things with cannabis because of the cost and excitement of what it is.
Personally, and others do this differently to some extent, I soak the seed in distilled water with a few drops of peroxide for 24hrs. Sometimes they crack open but usually not but I plant them no matter what. I plant the seed carefully in a peat pellet about 3/8" deep. Seed starting mix is ok too. The media should be a little damp not too wet tho. If you use pellets just put them on a dry paper towel to wick away the water till they are not soaking wet. I cover it with a clear cup or dome and put it under a cfl bulb. I keep the temp around 75/80. I dont use a heat pad, just use my tent as it stays that temp day/night. I dont mess with it anymore. I dont water it again.

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put them in some soil and add water… best teacher is nature…


I soak mine in distilled water 18 hours, place them in a wet paper towel, place them in a zip lock store in dark place for a couple days. Check them and it might take another day or so if they didn’t crack. Works pretty much every time for me. You have come to the right place for answers though, good luck

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I have had great success soaking for 25 hours in distilled water in a shot glass. I have a metal cookie tin that I place the shot glass inside to prevent light from hitting the seed. I place the container in the growroom which is 75 farenheit. I then take the seed and pour it into a folded paper towel and drain the excess water out. The towel ids placed in a Tupperware container which is again placed in the steel cookie tin in the warm room. This works almost 100 percent.


You are ph-ing your water correct? Seems like a small thing but can really make the difference

I never pH and I have like a 95% success rate. Only 1 seed never took and it was one of my first plants and it was a Auto.

I have a serious Natural Green Thumb. I had a Rhododenron plant that was over 60 feet long. Well it was two main branches and they was 30 feet each. I had to break it up into 2 sections because we moved. Luckily I knew a ER Nurse that loved plants so she took them. This was my first plant I grew that was my own. I’ve done some crazy things with growing.

I don’t understand how the OP is having so much trouble. Especially being a gardener for years.

That’s why I’m reaching to believe it might be ph, if for instance you live somewhere where fracking was conducted you might even see clear water but that may not technically clean or safe, especially if you don’t know about that it could cause issue, true his other plants should show the same issues, just trying to cover all bases, idk what else could be the issues

@orb932 I have never done pH and I can say our water sucks a massive whale cock. I’ve actually have found small flakes of what looked to be paint chips. The last time I looked at the water filter it has orange flakes.

One way is to say get Fox Farms Sledgehammer and see if it can bounce the plants back.

I started growing close to four years ago. I started out germinating with Rockwool cubes an stuck with it. 100% germination rate. Haven’t met a seed I couldn’t get to germinate. My tap water comes out at 70ppm, seeds seem to like it so I’ve stuck with it.
Drops your cubes in your water of choice. Ph that water to 5.5. Let them soak for half hour to an hour. Take them out, shake out excess water. Put them under floro’s. Room temp should be around 77f. No dome with a light breeze. Humidity at about 55. When they start to dry, lightly dip 10% of the cube into water ph’d to 5.7.
By the 4th day you will have seedlings. Let your cubes sit under the lights for an hour before planting your seed. Gl.

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May I ask why not use rain water? I use it when I have it. I’m new to this and been reading up on ALOT of topics for growing and advised from one s that think I have to put seed in dirt. Water to harvest. And I have just brought my 2in from out doors . and the more I read the more Intrigued I am. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

I don’t have any hard facts just opinions but Some rain water can be more acidic than others and the level of impurities are unknown. Things like this could damage a sensitive tap root.


That makes sense. Thanks

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