Help? Too many yellow leaves still?

The plant metabolizes the nutrients we give it, just like we digest the food we eat. The buds are built up on those chemicals throughout the process of the growth. Removing nutrients toward the end of the grow does nothing to change that fact. Respectfully, if there are harmful components to the nutrients being used, they have existed long before bud formation occurred.

Moreover, the purpose of suggesting nutrients is the plant in question had quite a ways to go before harvest (2+ weeks being my guesstimate) - it runs the risk of losing all the foliage and having no leaves left to convert sunlight into energy. A plant that truly gives up on life is going to produce no more meaningful bud, and potentially even start consuming the energy/nutrients utilized to bud build in the first place. I dunno if you’ve experienced burnt crispy buds from insufficient nutrient before, but personally I have and I would rather avoid it in future grows.


If the projected harvest date is as soon as OP has suggested, around 9 days from now, a nutrient feeding this late in the game and this close to harvest goes against most conventional advice out there, but to each their own.

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I have plants that should be stacking until mid to late October but have given up.

No more new white pistils. 1/2 to 3/4 of leaves yellowed.

No pests except some grasshoppers.

We had a big heat wave and two spells of rain and cold temperatures.

No bud rot or or PWM.

No herms or any self-pollinating bananas I can see.

I’ll pull out the macro lens and decide if I should just chop now.

Sad times. I had high hopes for these two strains from ILGM.