Help too get humidity down!

Cant get my humidity down in flower. Ive got 2 exhaust suck top air out i have a shinco 10L dehumidifier running 24/7 smack in the middle of the room. I have 3 fans going. As im in a cold area i have a small delonghi oil heat running too keep temps up… its a 4x8 tent and i got 8 plants. I cant get my humidity under 60 stable…need help please


You’ll need a better/bigger dehumidifier or run the A/C harder.

My humidity has been bouncing between 45-65 for the last 3-4 weeks. Hits super high during lights off! Like 70-89 :joy::rofl:. I seen some on here say that humidity is only part of the problem in creating bud rot/mold. The other is stale air. I tried to keep my humidity low but I can’t so what I do is make sure there is a ton of air flow! I have a 20in box fan blowing into the tent. I have a 4” exhaust that runs when the tent is closed. And I have a 8” fan blowing my buds so that there is NEVER stale air in the area! I have buds that are almost touching and close to each other. I spend maybe 1hr a day looking at the trichomes checking for hermie signs and/or mold.

If the humidity won’t go down don’t fight it just use the other option to control possibility of mold. It working out for me so far my plant is 5 weeks into flower.

Just a suggestion and maybe something you can do. If not atleast I tried to help. Also some may disagree which is perfectly normal. Me personally i wouldn’t want to spend 100$ on a dehumidifier only to have to buy another because it isn’t working well enough. So to me solution is to add more air to the mix! Anyways Good Luck :+1:t2:.

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Can you open th tent? I have mine open. all the time. teally works

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Exactly the same here bro i have now 2 exhaust running with a fresh intake duct open. Have ine 6" fan blowing over the canopy and two 4" blowing under canopy also the dehumidifier blows out the back through the canopy…so there’s plenty of circulation and same aswell man they look happy so just monitoring everyday. But cheers for the feed back man cause at the end of the day we gotta do what we gotta do :call_me_hand:

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Cant man would get way too cold and potentially bugs rats etc

Make sure you keep your fans going. The dry air coming from the dehumidifier needs to make it in the tent. Since it’s cold in your area, it probably won’t hurt to put it directly in the tent. Another thing, is to use a vent hose. Connect it the intake of the dehumidifier, and the other end to one of the ports of the tent. You can rig another to the exhaust side of the dehumidifier and to another port. That way you make a closed system.


Same it finally leveled off at 40 so humidifier on low for me controller set to 55 highend

@Stainer101, See the chart below. Since you can’t get the humidity below 60%, maybe you can bring the temperature up some. This may require you cut down on the exhaust some. May be worth trying.
I used to worry too much about humidity, but after using this chart I find it more forgiving than I thought.

Run the dehumidifier in the room the tent is in. If you run a dehumidifier and exhaust in the tent together the air you are drying is exhausted and replaced by the cooler, moister intake air from the room faster than you are drying it. Dry the air in the room before it goes into the tent’s intake and you’ll be able to dial it in.

@James68 i appreciate the advice. You act like I’m hovering my plants the entire hour. :joy: even if my exhaling moisture my plant is doing great imo for my first grow. Still no mold still no bugs plant still alive still producing bud! Still no hermies.

We have to make mistakes and learn. I’m not the type who wants my hand held every step of the way.

What works for me may appall another but that doesn’t mean it don’t work :man_shrugging::thinking:

Anyways I do appreciate any input good/bad :+1:t2:

For my grow when i had humidity issue. i had the dehumidifier on the outside with a intake inline fan right next to the dehumidifier to pull the air in and a ink controller in the tent to shut it down when the levels were good…