Help to make the paranoia go away while smoking

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Could you help me out telling me which strains of your websites would tend less to paranoia please? or any help to make the paranoia go away while smoking?


All the stains have description on them, just read through and find what you want. I can recommend California dream. It is more of a night time smoke

Check out indica dominant strains. Also when growing your own wait for trichs to be @ least 20% amber. If you harvest before then youll have a heady high.

Sativa/sativa dominant varieties, especially over-enjoyed, can cause paranoia. Stick with indicas or indica dominant hybrids. Or, go with low thc high cbd varieties for less “high” effects, in general.

DI’d you grow what you are currently consuming? If so let them go longer. From my understanding clear tricomes cause a paranoid feeling, next time or on your grow let the tricomes get cloudy and amber throughout