Help to make my outdoor GREAT!

I grew 3 years ago, in my veggie garden and the soil was very good. My plants grew to about 7ft. I moved and last year did more of a Gorilla grow, and the soil is crap, the plants were a total failure.
This year I am growing some in pots, some close to my new veggie garden, and some that are a Gorilla grow.
But I watched a few videos, and amended the soil.Dug a hole and added one bag of top soil, 1/3 of a bag of cow manure and a few hand fulls of perlite.
and yes I have access to plenty of water.
3 yrs ago i used no fertilizer at all, just grass clipping since thats what I use in my garden.I was thinking of adding the grass clipping to help with the water.
I do use fox farm 3 step when I grow indoors, should I use that? Id think the cow manure would be enough.
I live in zone 5 region just to give you a idea of were I am at. Any ideas or other help would be great.


Hi @Larry815. Outside in the ground will be the best in your situation. Your soil recipe sounds good, if you have some bloodmeal/bonemeal I would add some of that too. Are the grass clippings fresh? Fresh cut organic material is not suitable for mulching or adding to soil as it has not broken down and will produce heat and rob the soil of nutrients as it trys to stay alive.If you have a compost heap add your green clippings to the pile for a while so they can break down and then use this to top dress your plants.They will love the nutrients it provides and it will also conserve your water. You can use nutrients outdoors for sure. You have an organic medium so I would use an organic nutrient line and feed the soil to feed the plants.


Hey @Larry815 I grow out side in pots. Currently have 3 in 7 gal pots and 2 in 10 gal. Fox Farm trio is good stuff and your girls will love it out side. Best advice I can give you is watch your ph and flush every month.
feel free to holar at me anytime getting-stoned


I was getting a bit concerned, cause 2 of my plants died in the soil I made for them, and the rest dont look like they have grown much since I planted them. It has only been just over 2 weeks. I have watered them and it has rained. The weather has been getting warm, and the last few days has been crazy warm, so I was just expecting a jump from them.
Maybe I am just over reacting and need to just sit back and let them grow.
After being what I thought successful 3 yrs ago, I wanted to be again. Even my cousin said, they are a weed they will grow. He has grown himself for years.

a few of my plants now seem to be growing. With this hot humid weather we are getting, and yes i am making sure they are getting enough water.
Maybe i am just jumping the gun a bit. and they will be fine. I need to give them a chance to get use to there new home.

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