Help to find out male or female before I polanate

HI I am a beginner I

I am wanting opinions on what you guys think it is.

Too early to tell. You don’t have anything to worry about for a few weeks. Is this plant from feminized seed?

Hello the seed is super skunk no fem. Really looked like male to me I have 1 more that has shown female. With is my other one. And I did not want to polanate it with the one I’m images I posted. Thanks.

Pretty good for a begginer bigger than mine

Your outside growr

The professionals can tell you what it is I can’t do that yet

I’m a indoors grower I have put it in sun bc we got a real warm day and it seemed to enjoy it. But I grow inside mist start outdoors just to cold normally. I have a nother plant that is reall small about 5.5 intches tall flowering now female.

@PotSmoke it’s to early to say@fixerpower said get seed from a female or male?

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Hello this it my current stage does it look good for 5 months. It is way over due.

Won’t lie to you, looks like a waste of 5 months to get that tiny bit of bud.

Well hell yeah I’m not sure what to do cant find no one to help I’m not sure what is wrong. In the last week it has gained white hairs again.

These are 23 days old my new ones