Help to develop my sort

Hello my name is María, I am new on the premises and this account to obtain help is created.
I have sort’s two plants QUICK ONE and they have two months, but some white and yellow stains appeared in their sheets. As you would be able to prevent this? :pensive:

I’m guessing English is not your first language and you mean white and yellow spots on the leaves? And by ‘sort’ you mean breed or strain, or the specific type of cannabis that you are trying to grow and it is known as ‘Quick One’?

If this is so, it could be a pH problem causing nutrient deficiencies. Or it could possibly be bugs or disease. Check the pH of your plant’s soil, at its root zone would be best and check the undersides of your leaves for critters.

We could use more information, check out Latewood’s support ticket check list and see if anything stands out that might be related that you haven’t mentioned to us.

and take a look at this: