HELP! Tips turning yellow and drooping leaves

1st time at this so i welcome all advice and criticism!! The larger is 8 weeks old from something we had left over, no clue on the stand or the source. The smaller one is a 3 week Jack Herer Auto from ILGM! Just up potted the auto 3/4 days ago (i also raised my light thinking they yellow is from burn?) I give them a few cups of water every other day with water that i let sit for 24 hours before giving to them. Using potting soil and have not added anything to feeding. Im not sure what else is needed… Thanks in advance!!

What kind of potting soil?

Not sure if this helps any, just ordered a ph tester and a moisture tester. Did some pretty good ready on here and I may not be watering enough and thinking I need to add nutrients as well

There’s at least part of your problem IMO
Your soil might be too hot with nutes.
Because it says bigger blooms, it probably has nutrient pellets in it which your plant does not need yet.

Let’s tag someone who should know for sure
@Hellraiser will tell us


@Hellraiser should know for sure and @KeystoneCops

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