HELP! Tiny holes in leaves!

Yeah… I had four AF that sprouted. And then died before the leaves developed. My white widow always start easy. And are growing like crazy.
Good luck this season!

@PhilipW2 thanks! Good luck on your Grow too! Actually, if all goes well with these autos I’m growing now, that’s what I was planning for my next order is White Widow AF

I’m not sure. I’ve never had one just stop growing before. I did have one that the shell stayed on for an extra day or so but I ended up taking tweezers and got it off. It stayed small but it ended up as my biggest plant in the end.

I use 250ml cider vinegar to 1ltr water, 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate soda and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, sprayed on underside of leaves every 3 days

did you ever figure out what the holes are,im getting them,im just ending the 1st week of flower. i did spill my nutrient water when on the leaves when i was feeding them.anyone help. im giong to borrow your leaf picture. my plants are in the dark now.i have no picture,is that ok? @Wishbone @majicmarkers @Jmesser80

@wheelz70 are your plants indoors or outdoors? Have you looked to see if there are any pests in the underside of the effected leafs with a jewelers loop or magnifying glass? Sometimes pests are so small you can’t see them with the naked eye.

Spilling the nutrient solution could be the problem also. Keep an eye on them to see if any new leafs are effected or if it is just the original leafs

im indoors, i have been reading, i just put a trellis net up a week ago,and ben been weaving them in and out of the squares,it gets a little rough sometimes on the leaves at the top of the branch pulling them through the squares,says you can damage them this can sometimes be the issue, those pics were from someone in here,not mine.because im in the 1st week almost 2cnd week of flowering my lights were off didnt have no pics.but same issue. other that,there doing alright.its only a few leaves,no im hoping that might be the issue. im going to put pics of mine tomorrow or so. yes i looked and no bugs,nothing. most said it didnt effect there grow,if thats the issue. thank you for your reply. have a good one. figure anything out please let me know. @Jmesser80

Budworms check you flowers they burrow inside look for hlbrown spots in the bnb future and open the bud mostlikely caterpilllar

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not budding yet just the start of week 2 seeing a few pistils… found no bugs . thanks i still will watch for them. have a good one. all ya have a good one @Rj916