HELP! Tiny holes in leaves!

There are tiny holes in my girl’s leaves, I’m assuming something is chewing on them but I haven’t seen any bugs on them. I’ve been spraying them with Neems oil. Anyone tell me what the problem is and how I can fix this? TIA
P.S. Plant details: They are Amnesia Haze Autoflowers and they are about 30 days old

Have you checked the underside of the leafs with a microscope? Some of those pests are very tiny and hard to see with the naked eye so I would recommend getting a jewlers loop to help to see if there any pests munching away. (The jewlers loop will also come in handy when determining when to harvest as well so it is good to have one on hand)


@Wishbone did you fim this plant? If it’s not pests it could very well be leaf scarring. Looks to me, outside of the leaf damage, they look really healthy.


Good point on the fimming. I fimmed my plants and had some scaring on a few of the leafs that looked just like his pics. It was only on a few leafs and haven’t had anymore areas affected since.

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@majicmarkers no sir, I haven’t done any kind of trimming, topping or fimming to them. Also this like happened within a couple of days, last time I checked on them was Monday and they seemed fine then I saw the leaves this morning looking like this. :rage: Think something chewing on my babies

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Are your plants outdoors or indoors?

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@Jmesser80 they are outdoors in buckets

Yeah not sure what could be munching on it. I guess If it were me I would grab a jewlers loop or magnifying glass and check the bottom side of the leafs. You’ve been treating with beam oil so maybe that will take care of it. I forget which member it was but someone on here had a homemade pest recipe that they have had good success with and I’m pretty sure it was all organic but I don’t remember who it was. I’ll look and see if I can find that post again and link you to it.


@Jmesser80 why may I ask do you fimm your girls instead of topping. Fimming just seems to mess up the leaves but when I topped each plant they explained with new branches… very curious to hear from you. Thanks

Sorry about the autocorrect… the plants exploded not explained.

Countryboy suggested Earth food grade by eco best for treating pest outdoors, eco friendly! You can buy it at amazon.

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@Ace2012 I usually top a few and fimm a few. When I fimm only the leafs where I make the cut are a little deformed but usually just the tips and they stay healthy throughout the grow. I’ve seen good results on both but I’ve found with fimming my lower branches seem to even out better where with topping I’ll have 2 main chutes that are taller than the others. I don’t SCROG as of yet and only do a little LST so I find for my particular situation fimming works out better for me to even out the canopy. But everyone’s grow is different and I don’t think there is a wrong way to do it.

@Jmesser80 this is some pics of my first scrog… I got impatient and switched them over to 12/12 after only 5 weeks.

Well it won’t let me upload the pics because they are too big.

Lol it happens to me all the time. I end up having to crop them down and then they just don’t look as good



Use 420 bug spray. It kills nearly everything except caterpillars. I had the same problem.

My blueberry auto flower. Has been a very green. Healthy plant. But hasn’t grown any taller than 1/2". It stopped when I transplanted it in the bucket. On 4-24. My other auto flowers (that are growing are fine). I’m kind of stumped… no pun intended… as to why it’s stuck with its first leaf growth. The actual pointed leaves not the first actual sprout leaves.
I figure it’s in shock. Just have never had one stop this long. Without dyeing.
Any ideas?

They’re outdoor. And have 17 other very healthy plants. At various stages of growth.

@PhilipW2 I’m just a newbie myself, this is my first auto’s and only my second grow but I have found there are LOTS of people here with a wealth of knowledge willing to help us out. I do know that out of the two Amnesia Haze AF, I planted the seeds at the same time, in the same type of medium and one of the seeds sprouted two days later then the other one and also the seed hull didn’t pop off for like two more days later. Now the one that sprouted late is a LOT smaller then the one that came up first but other then holes in the leaves they are both healthy and growing fine. In fact today I fimmed the taller plant and topped the smaller one. Will be gone for the weekend so curious what I’ll come home to on Sunday!

I’ve ordered a jewelers loupe and will also be picking up some that food grade Earth pesticide stuff and try that