Help think the girls got bud rot

Help experts , I lost a girl last week to what looked like bud rot , based on examples on ILGM SITE.

I moved the others away and pics from this morning don’t look good

Any way to salvage maybe the 2 girls in cloth buckets. I haven’t tried any solution on the living.

I have strong guess this could be due to the very high temperatures but more so the crazy humidity!

I would like ur advice even if it’s for next year.

Not a good morning, thanks



I would say the plant in the 1st pick is done. Definitely bud rot on the 2nd plant pic and as far as I could tell pics 3 and 4 look ok?? Need closer pics Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


OG , I will get better pics of the remaining plants and send

I did spray the rest with a mold shield that I got in the grow kit, sprayed today as this was just realized last week.

So have lost 3 .

Appreciate your support



OG , this hopefully helps. These pics are from the 2 best girls left.

Again I just sprayed today with Mold Shield.

The rest look shot to hell


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Hate hearing the misfortune Grow Bro. Im not seeing anything concerning, follow each harvest with a bud wash particularly the ones treated for pest :love_you_gesture:

OG , well hate the loss but first experience with bud rot.

You think the other two are ok for now, sounds good.

I really appreciate the expertise



Keep giving them the once over daily for mold and pest is about all you can do Growmie. Outdoor weather has hurt a lot of outside growers this summer. I’m forced to grow indoors for Legal reasons or else I would be right there with you :love_you_gesture:


OG , again appreciate your help

Will continue with daily spray

Let you know outcome


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