HELP thing curling leaves, rust coloured tips. At a loss :(

Soil is easy as organics
Humidity 50-60%
Temp 25-30 Celsius
Watering every 3 days using distilled water, 3 litres between 3 plants
Strain is cotton candy kush
Just started using nutrients, as pictured

One plant is looking good except for rust coloured tips of leaves
One is very droopy
One has thin curling yellowed leaves
All three have the same treatment
Have been told under watering or nitrogen burn but I am using distilled water, no nitrogen added. I’m seriously at a loss please help

Over feeding them I think if I was you I would just give them water myself would use water from the tap as it has trace elements I.e calcium ect bit you will need to check the p.h to make sure that’s in range that accounts for the curling of the leaf and the burns at the tips on one pic plant looks to be over watered aswel, I’m sure other people with have more detailed answers for you but personally that’s what I see

Save these pics…


I don’t know anything about your soil or nutes, but it looks like potassium deficiency. @Zee @SweetsOnDeck @violagirl0 What do you think?

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Thank you for your responses! I was using tap water but was advised that it may be causing nitrogen burn, so I have switched to distilled in the last week but it has not remedied the condition of the plants. I have only given nutrients in the last week and it hasn’t seemed to change their condition either. They have looked like this at least 2 weeks. Have only been feeding and using distilled water this week.
How would I remedy potassium deficiency?
It may be worth mentioning as seedlings they were in peat pots which I left them in once I transferred to the larger pots.
I grew these from seeds, the broke ground about 6-7 weeks ago

It doesn’t show so well in these pics but plant three with the curled leaves is a much light colour than the others and yellowing

I am pH balancing the water to 6.5 before watering

@Bulldognuts @Dbpooper @repins12 @dbrn32 I’ll call some more expertise in to see if they can asses the situation for you a little better

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Plant one is most likely nutrient burn. I looked up your soil and it says water only soil, so you shouldn’t be feeding at all. Plant two is drooping, hard to say why. May be under/over watering. With the Slight discoloration on leaves I’m thinking you have a ph issue. What is your water going in PHed at. Have you taken any runoff readings of ph.

No reason tap water would cause nitrogen burn. I think you need to first make sure that your ph in soil is between 6.3 and 6.8 If you haven’t taken any runoff readings, then you should and see where it’s at.



The rust coloured tips started 2 weeks ago and I only started feeding nutrients about 5 days ago so I don’t think this is the cause but I will stop feeding. I pH the water to 6.5 before watering but have never tested the run off.
Basically 2 weeks ago the plants took a turn to looking how they do know, so I switched to distilled water from tap and nothing changed, so this week I added nutrients and they still look much the same.
Shouldn’t be a drainage issue, I have them up on stands and 30% perlite mixed into the soil.
It’s very curious all the plants are the same strain and get the same treatment but all 3 look so different.

I would day your soul may have been a bit too hot for the plants liking unfortunately this is the downfall with supersoil and living soil as once you’re started you’re started no correcting it without starting over and either re ammending your soil to bring it to a more proper ph range or just scrapping completely and building a new soil to use. I have never personally grown with this medium but have read a bit on it. If it were me I would personally scrap it and start completely over, if you wanna save the plant try repotting in some happy frog or light warrior from ocean forest but you will have to eventually feed the plant as the soils are very light in nutrients. It’ll bounce back within 2 to 3 weeks for sure just needs some adjustments. I suppose you could dona heavy heavy flush too and see if it helps but definitely no more nutrients. I just looked it up online too and this is a living soil so you dont even have to ph your water just straight in if you do decide to go back to tap water.

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Thanks so much for all your responses, have stopped feeding (but had only fed twice prior) and they still look much the same, but plant three looks even worse. How many litres/gallons should I be watering for plants this size of I am watering every 3 days? Should I get more soil and transfer them to bigger pots?

What does it mean when you say the soil is too hot? Too many nutrients?

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@Dbpooper just wondering about the hot soil? As in nutrients or actual heat?

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Yeah it’s just a term meaning the nutrients are a lil high and needs to be flushed out of the medium. If you have a tds/ppm meter to measure your runoff from the medium it will give you a ballpark on where to start. Ideally you want to be less than 1000 ppms coming out if you’re just watering in without any added nutrients. So say you put your water in at 200ish ppms and it comes out at like 2500 you know your soils still a bit hot and need more flushing with just water to bring it down to a reasonable level.

Remember also once the leaves are yellowed or damaged they WILL NOT change back to a healthy green focus on your new growth and go from there.

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Thank you that’s good to know!! I’ve just noticed these little pods on one plant, could that mean it is male? I bought feminised seeds so they should all be female

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Yeah unfortunately that is a male pollen sac that has opened and likely has released pollen. If you have any other plants chance are they will become pollinated and produce seeds. This may have happened dude to extra stress induced on the plant which causes the plant to turn hermaphroditic it’s unfortunate but happens. I would cut it out and remove any other plants, wipe down everything in your tent with a good cleaner like all surface windex, let it dry and air out good and start over on a new grow.