Help. These are 8 weeks old (pic)

8 weeks from popping ground. I fimmed to early, making bushy. (I think). Net at 22 inch, 1Blackjack (S), 1 lithium O G Kush (I) on right. Going to start tying down tomorrow. My question should I veg a little longer or go to 12/12 now. Thanks in advance

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I would veg just a bit longer, maybe till you have half the net filled up then flip.


I agree with @Aolelon your plants are looking great also @Freedom21 it takes longer to do a good vegging period when you are training your lady’s, keep tucking and bending and pulling for another bit fill that screen and you will be so pleased with what I have seen and read here on ILGM and welcome to the forum if you have any questions and I can help just put the @ before my user name like, @Freedom21, hope this helps for now mate. Can you give us a quick run down on everything you are using like what nutes do you use are you growing Organic or Synthetic ? and also what lights are you using LEDs, MH or HPS or fluorescence, and also media is it (soil, coco or Hydro) and what are your readings like Ph and PPMs? You have come to a great place for support and advice with everything got to do with growing the you could possibly think off and the only thing we look for is that other people on here can help each other get some excellent medicine for ourselves :v:️… They are really great looking plant’s for sure :100:


Can you post us a pic of the top off your plants @Freedom21 please if you can get time :v:️.

Sure and thanks in advance for your help. One Black Jack, one lithium og kush. Germinated paper towel method. Planted 4 inch peat pot with Foxtail ocean potting soil. Just distilled waterup to this point. Two 5 gallon plants with 2/3 fox farm ocean potting in middle of pot and Penagin soil around sides. Small led light for peat pots.
1 week in I transplant to 5 gal pot and water with spray bottle for a few days.
All happening in a 3 x 3 x 5 tent with Mars Hydro 600 LED. For the first month, best I could get was 88-90 degrees with 50 RH. Light a constant 18 in away. Ihooked up duct to registar and now have a constant 75 degree with 50 RH. Water with 3 fox farm trio of nutes, 1/2 strength for two weeks, full strength now, along with cal mag. At 5 weeks flushed with 6.5 ph plain water. Water mostly every other day, 1 liter apiece, till it comes out of bottom. Screen is at 22 inchs off floor. Started training today, as I can now tuck. Ph water, after adding fox farm, Ph has been 6-6.5 every time. Pics you wanted. Thanks. R. B



Welcome to ILGM, I’m going to give you this link. It’s a group of Vet’s from or community

I would veg them foe a couple more weeks there not above your net yet.

As for your plants @Aolelon and @Bogleg have you covered. Thank you both…thumb


Before you get too involved, any chance you can make a different screen? That screen is going to let you down.

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Thanks for the feedback. That first pic was sent by mistake, two week’s ago picture. A few are 6 inch past the net and problems already. Off to lowes for some 1/4 if they have, probably have to use 1/2 inch pvc. You were right on with your observation. I forgot to mention I spray with water/fertilizer that I use to water, three times a day. The only problem I had to overcome were the dense forest because I femmed to much/early I think. I will wait two weeks or until nethalf full. Thanks for all the help everyone.

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Up until 10 years ago I used the VA. My PSA was high, nothing done. Wife is a nurse and I went to Urologist at her insistence. Two days later had a radical prostatectomy. Done with the VA. Hope all our brothers get better care. Semper Fi

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Yeah my first attempt at a SCROG I used the same kind of netting.

Now I use 1/2" PVC, screw in some self-tapping screws every 4", and string it up with kitchen twine.

In the future if/when I SCROG I will go with 3" squares probably. Main thing is just having something firm enough to keep the plant where you want to put it.

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Agreed. Thanks​:herb::v:️:white_check_mark:

I would flip now and anticipate them doubling in size but my plants are around 6 weeks and I’m already getting ready to flip but I event figured out how to setup my scrog netting yet

Welcome, @Freedom21! And thank you for your service, as well. Your plants look good. I agree with @Bogleg on the screen. I used a wooden frame with drywall screws, and then threaded it taut with nylon string. I’m fumbling my way along, just flipped my fourth grow, but learning more every day on this forum. My journal is here is you want to take a look: Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow

And everyone is spot on, fill the screen a bit more before you flip. If you have an idea how the strain will stretch, you can use that to gauge exactly when to flip. Too early, you don’t fill your screen and harvest less. Too late, and you run out of space! It’s a try and learn kind of thing, as everyone’s setups are different.

You’re in the right place, lots of friendly, helpful folks around here. Again, welcome, and there’s no such thing as a stupid question! Happy gardening, brother :v:

Mine are 7 weeks and ready to flip

Thanks and nice looking ladies. I am going to wait at least one more week minimum. I started to take Boleg’s advice. As I was taking a piece of aluminum to check length before putting screws in, I weaved it (strong poly material) between 4 inch squares and streatched it. Did this three sides and put behind tent poles, happy with outcome. Fourth tent grow, happy so far. Been reading this forum since Roberts book found me. What a great guy and service to his country and world for that matter. :herb::v:


Thanks, and let me fix a screwup. There weren’t many females in the service in the 70’s (compared to now), and none in combat positions. Thanks to the brave ladies who serve. I will wait at least a week. I screwed up again by fimming to early. It works well, but I think I made them more bushier, very dense plant. I also started taking off very bottom leaves that get no light. I will go to your grow journal later, I have all my grows journaled in notebook with pics and I use a blank calendar to help. The folks on this forum have helped me immensely. :herb::v:️ R. B