HELP! Temperature Crisis

I apparently had a temperature crisis last night and woke up to this!! I’ve watered them since I found them this way, but is all hope lost now?? :weary::weary::weary:

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What was the temp of ur tent and it should be ok

It was over 90 degrees

Thats 90 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit


Either way it was way to hot but they are good at handling hot temps cause my plant from my last grow the temps were 32 degrees Celsius even in flower

Ok I’m nervous because they look sick and pitiful now

Thats not to bad but in flower it is cause having those sort of temps will make ur buds airy try to get ur temp down to 22 - 23 degrees Celsius

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Just relax they will bounce back but try to keep ur temp around 22-23 degrees Celsius or if u can go a bit lower

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90 is at the start of to high. You don’t want to maintain them Temps if you can help it, but they should bounce right back if Temps stay good

I never intended for it to get that hot in there. Gotta make some adjustments.

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You will work it out but ur doing a great job with ur plants keep it up

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Thank you!! I’ve got about month to go before harvest. I’d be so sad if the last 60 days was a waste.

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The cooler ur temp is the better the flower

Kept them in 68-70 degree Fahrenheit last night. They still look sick…how long til they are beautiful again. :persevere

sorry to say that auto flower plant is likely toast. a photoperiod plant would bounce back but i don’t see that thing producing for you unfortunately


I unfortunately agree.
Imma give em til Xmas.
Then begin again :sob::sob::sob:

Ouch! Sorry about that

Damn that hurts my heart, but you got this