Help tale of two phenos

Both plants are the same jack herrer seed stock but they are both growing completely different. Plant on right has tight node spacing and plant on right has huge node gaps. Grow under exact same conditions under a scrog. Is this much difference normal or am i missing something?


Very normal. Need to grow clones to get identical traits. Very good looking plants!


Yeah very well done. Man o man that’s alot of smoke.


Thanks its my second grow. Went from a 180watt blurple light to HLG 600 v2 rspec and from soil to perlite/coco coir. Made a huge difference!


Hell yeah, that’s a major light improvement


I agree, completely normal to see different traits on plants from seed. The good news is that there will likely be some differences in smoke too, so you’ll get a little variety.

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They look remarkable!!!


I hope you cloned the good one

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Looks great

My best guess is im 2-3 weeks out from harvest. 2 Questions for the group: during the flush do i stop feeding cal mag and second can i feed black strap molasses during the flush or should this be discontinued as well?

I dont have any experience with flushing as very first grow i used a super soil so only needed to water till harvest.

Nice looking crop you have there. :+1:

Thank you and more importantly thank you for your service!

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A lot of strains have 2 to 3 different phenos that could come out so 3 plants of same seeds can all be different.I have grown Reggie seeds grime same bud all grew,smelled and had different high,I have never bought seeds till now (been growing for 32 years)and all but a few turned out great.Even grown dirt weed seeds,couldn’t hardly smoke cuz of the bad taste,got excellent results,good taste,smell and good buzz.So no worries.

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Can you tell me why my tricombes are half (bottom half) black or really dark purple,never seen this b4.???

Sorry brotha im new to growing and have not experienced anything like this before.