Help supporting large plants

I need help on how I am to support my plants when my baby produces buds. She is 45inches just started 2 week of flowering no training at all with this one

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Make a stand alone scrog for her

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To late for that in his other post he said hes 2 weeks in flower … your gonna need some pipe cleaners make collars for branches that get heavy and tie them to tent suppors… dontbuse small diameter stuff around stalks that’s y I say pipe cleaners because fishing line and wire will cut into stalks

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I used the ratchet adjustable yo-yo’s.

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Plant stakes can work.


These are 2 ft but they’re available in 4 and 6 ft versions as well.

Plant tie is nice to use. Wire Center with a thicker rubberized coating that won’t cut into the stems. And reusable too.