Help/support ticket fan leaves yellow and wilty


Strain; Girl Scout cookies, THC Bomb, Og Kush and White widow
Soil in pots, Fox Farm Ocean Forest
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.8
What is strength of nutrient mix? FF cha Ching .25 tsp per gallon
Light system, size? Led 450W from wall
Temps; Day,83° Night 68°
Humidity; Day 80% Night 70%
Ventilation system; 200cfm 6inch inline fan oscillating fan
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no
Co2; No

So this is the GSC #1 but there are issues with some of the others and look the same. I’m a new grower and uncertain if this is a normal phase of flowering. The schedule was changed 9/1 to 12/12. The sugar leaves around the buds look fine. It’s only the larger fan leaves. I did do the practice of gently tucking the fan leaves whenever they covered a bud. Again not all of the plants look like this. The pistols are starting to turn a bit orange, I’m so close, I don’t want to screw up now. Does these appear normal for the age?
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I don’t know, but the humidity is way to high for her stage of life.


Yes and she looks dry


I’ll pick up a dehumidifier today after work, and see if that helps. It’s always high here, ocean out front and it’s been raining for 2 weeks. Thanks @Tr33


Just watered her yesterday @Fever as I did everyone.


Also, I noticed the purple on the leaf stem, it could be normal for that strain, or it could be a little mag low? You could add a little epsom salts to your next feeding if you think that looks like it could also be the trouble


Let’s all have a look at this and see what’s happening. What is the ph of your water and nutrient mix going in and when was the last flush?


I think purple is the norm for GSC. The other strains aren’t the same color. I can get some epsom salt just be safe though. Thanks @Tr33


@Myfriendis410 there wasn’t a flush but hesitated doing one unless I needed to. I adjust the PH of the rain water
To 6.0-6.5. If I do no adjusting the water here is 7.2-7.4. My last run off since I got my ph meter was 6.8. I’ve been slowly bringing the ph back down. When I was able to check the run off went as high as 7.0.


Okay, FF recommends a flush at every stage (nutrient change). You may have a Potassium issue? If it’s in excess it will cause many secondary mineral deficiencies. Flushing will lower the ph to closer to 6.2 to 6.4 which will help with uptake too…

And you have checked the calibration on the meter? @Covertgrower


@Myfriendis410 first thing I did when I got it 2 weeks ago. I’ve been using it every other day. I can calibrate it again just to be safe. I’ll pick up some sledgehammer at the store if they have it. If they don’t? Just water?

EDIT: They have it at the store. Picked some up. After work, we’ll do a flush.


You would want to cut the humidity to 40-50 if possible and down as low as you can get it last 3-4 weeks and they look thirsty but I noticed that my girls didn’t do well with a strick water schedule sometimes they want it 3 days and othe times 2 just depended on how light the pot and how dry the top inch


Three times the pot size at ph 6.5 and let it dry out completely. Those spots may develop holes. That would be normal.


So lots of water at 6.5, then do I add nutrients back in the next time I water? @Myfriendis410
@Sirsmokes the girls really like to be watered everyday. I waited an extra day to come back to a very sad looking plant. Was fine after a few hours.
Despite the high humidity it’s surprising at how much water they’re still consuming.


@Covertgrower I’m liking what the boys have done with you so far, but I have a few questions. How old is this plant? From the start of flowering is fine and what size pot is she in?

Is that correct 12/12 began on September 1?

Is the white on the leaves DE?


The plant from seed is 7-2-17. They were out of the seed shell with the first leaves. The week before that they were all sprouting. Yes it’s DE earth. Yes 12/12 was started September 1st. 5 gallon fabric pots @bob31


those leaves look really droopy to me. I have never grown that strain but usually when leaves look like that it is because of either over or under watering or being root bound. Since she is already in flower, even if she is root bound, transplanting is too much stress in flower. And from what I read it sounds like you are using the proper watering techniques.

Do you have pH calibration fluid and have you checked your meter? I’m sorry if this was already asked. I’m pooped. Too many hours in the hot 85 degree September sun!


Good catch on the white spots @bob31! I was trying to diagnose the issue based partly on that! Based on that, it might be prudent to allow the plant to dry out before flushing.


Yes @bob31 I did calibrate it with a solution. I can again just be safe when I’m off work. I usually water everyday, but honestly I missed two days in a row, and so I did saturate them. You’re probably correct in saying they’re over watered because I over watered panicked. The white spots are just left over DE. @Myfriendis410 sorry about the white spots, it’s just DE.


Let’s give them a few days and see if they don’t pick up. I believe @Myfriendis410 said it well that you want them to get to the point of almost wilting. Most times for me thats 3 days unless its really hot!