Help Storage of nutrient mixed water for hydroponics


I have to go out of town and have bubble buckets with net pots. I have convinced hubby to change out water as I am going to be gone a few weeks. Can I mix the nutrients and store the water in a plastic water jug like you get water in when you buy it and the mark it for the week to use it and leave it in the closet for him? I have auto plants and am using fox farms liquid trio.will the PH of the water change as it sits?


Pretty sure you can do that for a week or so BUT u need to put an air pump in it to keep it fresh or oxygenated for it to stay good. @peachfuzz will know


A couple of weeks is a long time. I’m sure exact time varies by what exact compounds are used, but a week max is usually what you hear.


Yes , you can do that… I wouldn’t do it all the time , but in a squeeze , I have done it with no issues… just shake the hell out of it before you use it… :wink: