Help still trying to find the sex

Anyone have any insights my runt, number 3 is the farthest along. Trying to detect sex preflower. TIA

Keep an eye on those circled areas. Looks like nads forming, but could possibly just be growth…


I haven’t heard nads since Beavis and Butt-Head :rofl::joy::rofl: just took me back to my childhood with one simple reference :joy: thanks @Borderryan22


I was watching old Beavis and Butt-Head clips last night.


I loved that show, they brought it back for a few episodes a while back, I never saw any of them tho

Yes…it looks suspiciously like a male flower.
The one I put the red arrow on seems like it must have a bit of a stem to be that high up.
If those flowers have a visible stem between the flower and the stalk then its a male for sure.
Female flowers attach right at the base and male flowers have a small stem.

Like this one below…Sometimes the stem is smaller and sometimes they dont have a stem at all.
But if it does then its a male.


@Spiney_norman so if u see a stem forming u automatically know it’s male? That’s a really good tip to know. Thanks for that


Mans killing my hope and dreams lol thats good info though thanks there is so much conflicting info is hard to sort it all. So definitely probably a male slowest growing of the three lol also best looking

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Yeah its a bummer when you get a boy.
If they were all started together you can expect the male to show sex first.
In nature the males start pollenating a couple weeks before the females mature.

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Week 5 day 2 since germ so hopefully one is a lady one has no signs and the other is just starting


Different plant but a female preflower correct? once im right i promise ill stop asking

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Its very small and hard to be certain, but it looks female at this point.
Keep an eye on them. They will spout a couple pistils (white hairs) soon and confirm its gender.

Thanks also this is the one from the other day def male? Lol im sorry

Too blurry to really tell
No apologies needed. We are all here to help. Its fun.

It’s still hard for me to tell from the pictures. If you see a couple of pistols come out in a “V” , you have females. If you see a round shape elevated on a stem or a cluster of roundish shapes, you’ve got a male.

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The one posted first today is short bushy 20" wide at canopy about 10" tall second one is pot witdh and 14" tall. I know its not a definite off of size and shape but any insights on that? Literally the same everything on both living soil ph 6.2 water with calmag about every 4 days upto now.

On my first grow I planted 4 and 3 were males.

Ouch but one is really all i need two would be sweet but the size of this one now idk if ill have room for three lol

Correct to pitch this one?

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Pure boy…yep

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