Help stem rot... I think!

This is our first summer growing. We planted our females in the ground but in a enclosed greenhouse. The bottom of the greenhouse rolls up (which has been screened in) for air flow.

This morning we went out and found this. What is causing this to happen? Is it as simple as we haven’t trimmed enough leaves? I’m afraid to trim too mich!

Please help!?!

I’ve never dealt with this. Let’s tag so.e folks…

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@Big123 is a mad outdoor grower: stem rot suspected and it kinda looks like it.


My outdoor grow died this year so probably not the best person for outdoor LOL

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lol, I don’t even do outdoor anymore. I’m in a less than understanding location so got tired of em getting big, beautiful and perfect just to be pulled by some ass hat with a badge, or worse weather drowning them. I just do the indoor thing now… and I don’t have to walk as far to feedem😁


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I do not know this word…

Crown rot

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I think @Cannabian meant Pythium

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It looks more like amarilliia, or pithium? But pithium is usually dark colored? Has me stumped, because I didnt know amarillia could infect cannabis? I guess its possible? In either case, you best hope its not amarillia, because that is a mycelial soil born disease and it means a complete replacement of all soils or dont grow a plant that it can infect. However, I think its unlikely. Might be a fungal infection? Have you had unusual temperature swings or moisture issues? Is you greenhouse venting well? Have any other plants of any kind died near that plant? Was there any warning of a sick plant or did it just die and fall down?
Have you excavated fhe root to investigate the root zone? Things to look for… extreme dampness, foul odors, white fan like fuzzy stuff that looks like mold, any pests or holes, any weavils or larvae. Other roots of other plants with that white staining?
Do that and report back to us!

Yeah that
And I think you @Watt-Sun are right, it does look like crown rot. Ive never had that. I think maybe I had it one year in some tomatoes. Its a fungus and it does cause wilting and that white moldy shit on the root.
Good call there!
Kinda what I suspected, hence the above inquiry.

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Not sure what it is but I had it on one of my girls this year and lost the top third of her

Powdery mildew, fungi looking perhaps not good air flow?

Yes to major temperature changes and uncontrollable humidity fluctuations (we are installing more venting fans today for circulation. Our weather this year is anywhere from 18 degrees to 40 degrees as we are not use to having such warm days and nights. Our normal temps are much lower normally.

We have investigated the soil and roots. The roots are healthy and white. No smells. Now mood on soil. Normal dampness as we have moisture renters and a watering system.

No holes or animals in the greenhouse. We also have a n electronic pest control system.

It’s not powdery mildew. I do know that. We grow squash and cucumbers and powdery mildew is my enemy! I wish it was! That’s a simple fix!

Thank you

yeah I think @Watt-Sun nailed it. What are the soil temps like? Do you have perlite or any soil aerators in it?
We are in a heat wave here now, greenhouse temp hit 110 American yesterday! I flowed about 50 gallons of dechlorinated water to them. Should be good for a day or 2. Flippin hot! Supposed to be 38-39c for the rest of the week! They seemed to take it on the chin… no wilting, the pepper plants are tacoing though!

Oh another thing! If you are in a greenhouse, and its flippin hot! Do NOT fertigate! Just straight water! You will scortch the living snot out of your plants!

so I feel bad about not thanking everyone on here. We have a farm and things got a bit crazy with harvests. We got all the toy under control by adding a large exhaust fan and 3 other fans. Down to 45% humidity! Woohoo!! Here is an updated photo. It’s now almost 11 feet tall! Thank you all for saving my plants.