Help! Spots and yellow leaves

Can someone please tell me what the little spots on the leaves are from and I have a little yellow colouring on some leaves. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Probably the soil is a little hot. That baby is to young to stress over just don’t water until the soil on the top is dry , when you water make sure your ph is good, and definitely no nutrients until much later, most of all a lot of patience it will seem to not grow for a few days but the roots are growing then it will take off

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Thanks @MeEasy

Hey peeps I know these guys are still young but I’m worried these guys don’t look like as they should am I stressing to much? Not that vibrant green as I’ve seen others like.

They aren’t that yellow it’s the light but some have a yellow tinge

Are you phing your water down to 6.5( 5.8-6 for soiless)

How do you do that

This link can explain why better than I can on here… good luck

Hey mate I just lowered the water ph to 6.5 could I add any other nutrients or wait until I see signs of improvement.

I’d just wait there should be plenty of nutes in your pot at most I’d give them a spoonful of bloodmeal topdressing but that’s it

Thanks man I’ll give it a bust so much to learn I love it! Just hope they don’t die :grin:

Do you think these guys will come back ?

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They don’t look bad at all I bet they will be fine. Look hungry for nitrogen to me…