Help! Something is eating my stalks and knocking the buds off

Iv tried raising the plants off the ground. Setting mouse traps. I’m not sure if it’s a rodent or some kind of insect eating the stalks at night. Any help would be appreciated.

Good Morning :smiley: oh that sucks. I doubt that it is an insect. I would have to put it in a wine net cage at night. Good luck. :blush::v:


It looks like caterpillar damage to me, particularly with the split stem in the second photo. If this is the case, I’m not sure about ways to get rid of them outside of hatching preying mantis eggs and letting them eat the caterpillars. There may be methods others can share. I’ve never dealt with them.

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Are the stems and buds removed from the growing area or are you finding them close by?

They are right at the dirt at the bottom not touched.

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Those are flowering so options are limited. I sometimes use dr brommers oil soap its minty and drives most pests away and it has ot affected any smoke in a negative way and then theres smoke a bowl and sit down and look under every leaf for something hiding. When plant eaters see you theymove t o underside of leaves so you cant see them.

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