Help, small leaves growing on top of each other, not wide or taller

ILGM, GDP, Photo
Roots organice in a SOLO
Sprout in SOLO cup
PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable): Not measured, only bottled distilled used so far
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: n/a
HLG v2 Rpsec (135W)
Temps; Day, Night: 70 - 80
Humidity; Day, Night: Domed or either 60 - 70% RH.
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: iPower 4" exhaust + filter setup (not running when dome)
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Humidifier set on RH controller
Co2: No

She seems to be growing leaves but they’re small, there is a gnat problem, I put that DE sand on top 2x, but they’re still there. I tried to dome / not dome. I’m not sure - what would you do if someone you this plant today?

She sprouted about two weeks ago.

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I think your over watering bud. Is that mold on top of the soil? Let it air out a bit and make sure you have holes in the bottom of the cup for drainage. I would also suggest using a sandwich ziploc to cover the to after initial water and just leave it alone. If you don’t see condensation on the bag after a few days remove bag and spray the leaves and the inside of the bag. Plants dont need much water starting out until roots are established.

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Get a small fan and put in the tent for air movement. Don’t point it directly towards the plant

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I’ve only been misting it twice a day, I’ve tried domes on/off. She seems to react the same whether I mist her or not.

There’s an intake fan, an exhaust, an oscillating fan, a humidifier on a controller that fires based on RH, a heater on the same thing for temp.

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Twice a day is too much in the beginning. If your soil is moist leave the dome on and don’t touch it for a couple days. See what happens. I bet she will bounce back. Make sure you have drainage as well


Maybe even a week or until it’s touching the dome

I stick my finger in until the middle knuckle, if it’s dry I mist. I’ve been strict with it all and keeping a log.

Could the gnats be eating the roots and keeping it close to the middle so the leaves don’t grow out?

I went back and looked at you soil in the pic again. You soil looks to have mold/ or something. What’s the white other than the perlite??

I would get some captain jacks and Get rid of the gnats. What my plants are that age I water them with distilled water or ro water, my misting has stopped. I water them with 6-10 ml of water around the rim of the cup. I want to force the roots to look for water. I will also start feeding small amounts of nutrients.


@G.A.C.Farmer It’s called DE, it’s a top soil treatment for gnats.

I think what is weird is that she keeps throwing up leaves but not getting any taller or any wider.

Try mixing 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 4 parts water and flush the plant with it since it’s in the solo cup. It will kill gnats. It also kills some good guys too but you can bring microbe Iife back in big pot

It’s DE. I thought it was mold at first too. It’s to control the fungus gnats. From the overwatering. :flushed: