Help, slime is killing my seedlings!



I’m not sure how crafty you are or how much you like to use your hands , but you might consider building something like this …which is a recirculating system with a big res for 6 plants and it has a built-in chiller so that way you’re not displacing and trying to put water bottles where your plants are …here’s some pics… by the way these things work awesome I hardly get any pH fluctuation never have any slime issues I can’t believe how well they work…

These are what I use for veg because they have the top feed built into it just to get the roots established here’s a pic of it in action under a 30 watt LED flood light…

Here’s a pic of what I use for flower without the top feed built-in because by then the roots are established and it’s not necessary , but it does have two built-in Chillers so I can keep it even cooler because my flower room runs a lot hotter and it still has the recirculating built into it…



Sounds like a good plan of attack @bluefly28! I never made or used a microbial tea, so I’m not sure how that’ll work out for you, but everything else sounds great. I hope your ICE pulls through, I myself just germinated an Ice Grapefruit seed, which is a cross of ICE and grapefruit, I’m super excited to get her grown out! So I’ll be watching closely!



UPDATE: I just wanted to post and let everyone know that everything is going good so far now that I have began treating my reservoirs with the microbe tea. I added the first dose on Sunday and will add more on tomorrow. So far Ive not noticed any slime development nor smelled any bad scents coming from the buckets. Haven’t had to adjust pH, readings have all been within the 5.5-6.5 range. I am concerned about ppm value being on the high end of 400’s. I think this is too high for my young plants. So I drained some of the res water out and replaced with plain water to try dilute things down some. It helped bring down the ppm’s to 300 range but i checked this morning and the values are climbing back up. I hope this is not the start of a new issue for this grow. My WWxBB plant actually has one root extending from the net pot finally, hopefully more are soon to follow. The Ice plant is still hanging in there, no visible roots though. It just seems to be a bit more perky and is not drying up like the first leaf set. Hopefully things will continue to go well…


@bluefly28 .just a thought does your ppm meter have ATC built in . it makes a big difference as to real accuracy … Auto Temperature Correction . helped me a lot when they first come out with it years ago .



@Hammer sorry it has taken so long for this response i’ve been a bit out of pocket on the forum but to answer your question my meter has 0 to 50 degrees celsius ATC


It has taken me a while to get back to the forum, it’s been a crazy past few weeks for me getting over a cold and keeping up with grad school priorities. Things have seemed to settle so I should be back posting more about my grow.

Since my last update my grow has been going smoothly. No more problems with the algae, thanks to the microbe tea. My res temps and pH have been steady. I change out water bottles twice a day sometimes only once. The Ice seedlings didn’t make it so I ended up pitching it. It damped off inside the RW cube. Roots never grew out into the hydroton. Will give it another shot in the future. However I now want to focus on growing the wwXbb properly. Roots have formed nicely and it’s starting to show some growth up top too. I will try to remember to post pics tonight. Right now I’m focusing on stimulating more lateral growth and figuring out the plant’s nutrient uptake rate. Right now she is around 600 ppm although I’m still not giving the full recommended dose. I know there are charts etc out there that tell you what the ppm’s should be in relation to growth stage but I’d rather let the plant tell me what or how much it wants. Although I do reference the charts for ballpark figures. I’m just slowly increasing nutes as the ppm’s decrease. I haven’t reached full recommended dosage yet going to try to bring it up as the plant allows by adding more nutes a little at a time. I hope this doesn’t stunt growth.


Let us know if you develop any problems.




hope this helps and Welcome to ILGM

The first thing that you must take care is, block all sources of light penetrating the hydroponic medium. Make the nutrient reservoir, channels, and entry and exit points of the solution absolutely light proof. You can do this by covering them with an opaque material. You can purchase algaecide products from the market and use them as recommende or contact Emerald Harvest for extended support. A moderate amount of hydrogen peroxide is also capable of killing algae. However, make sure that young plants do not come in contact with hydrogen peroxide. Some of the natural methods that you can implement to control algae are: incorporating barley straw rafts in the reservoir and adding grapefruit seed extracts to the nutrient solutions.

It is always better to take every possible precaution to prevent growth of algae, instead investing on chemicals for eliminating them. If the growth is dense, then you have to clean the reservoir and refill it with fresh nutrient solution.




Hi, thanks a lot for your advise! Things have improved tremendously with my grow. My plant is actually growing and seems to be healthy so I’m not going to worry anymore about it being stunted. I plan to just veg a bit longer to allow more growth up top and below. Also I am focusing on keeping my reservoir temps in check which should also help keep the algae and harmful microbes in check. Temporarily using frozen water bottles to cool nutrient solution to recommended temp. I have purchased a chiller and will soon get it up and running once it arrives.


Thats awesome news.



A few current pics of the slime survivor, lol…she’s is a bit squatty right now I hope she gives me a bit more vertical growth. I want to SCROG. She is a WWxBB so I expected her to be on the short side but the res issues have stunted her even more.


Sounds like you got the algae problem under control. I’m planning on using an inline UV lamp I have from my aquarium days. I bought it due to algae problems in my reef setup. It worked like a charm so don’t see why it wouldn’t work for this.