Help!...Skittles and Gelato have spots on leaves

I have 2 plants with spots on leaves that I’m not sure what it is…

Growing in soil

Seeds from ILGM

600 watt Mars hydro led Lights on 20/4

Ppm run off 600

Only nutes have been organic top dressing with Down To Earth products, recharge and compost teas

I added cal msg this past week thinking it could have been the issue but spots actually increased…
Any help would be so appreciated!..

What’s the pH reading? Initially thinking Cal-Mag deficiency.

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Looks to be a calcium issue, I would try a tea with a tbs of your top dressing. Let it sit for 24 hours stirring occasionally and feed it. Or if you have some compost and or worm poop you can make a tea from that.

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