Help Sick Sour Diesel

Alright guys, I am having issues with my Sour Diesel girl. She began flowering two weeks ago, and you can see what the leaves are doing. I am growing in a mix of coco, a small amount of compost, mixed with about 70% perilite. My grow pots are made of cloth and I am using Bergman’s flowertime fertilizer 1tsp per 1 1/2 g every couple of days. I let the plant dry out completely first. I am keeping the pH of my water around 6. The leaves are getting some yellow edges, and she is on a 12/12 time frame. Any help is greatly appreciated.

How many days does it take for your soil mix to “completely dry out?”
What’s the temp and humidity of your grow space?
70% perlite is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too high. It should be 70% soil medium and 30% perlite.
Do you water until you get runoff? What’s the pH of your runoff?


Also, do you have a few shots of the whole girl?

Can you please show a picture without the blurple please light on?

It kinda looks like to much nitrogen but I maybe wrong.


Good Morning 2409, it takes about 48 hours for the soil to completely dry out, I do water until I get runoff but have never checked pH of the run off. The tent stays about 75-80 during the day and about 70 at night. The humidity is around 50% most times. I will get her out of the tent once the lights come on and get a whole shot pic under regular lights.

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Definitely test the TDS of your run off that is more. Important then PH but PH would be nice to have to.

Definitely need more pictures of plant not in burple lights.
Hard to see anything right now.
When and how much have you given cal/mag

I just use tap water, mixed with the Burgmans, I have not supplemented with anything else. This is my first full grow.

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Likely cal or mag deficiencies then if your growing in a soilless mix and havent added any but pictures will help.

This is another reason I stick to soil


How do I test TDS?

With a TDS meter.
Amazon or a hydro store maybe even a big general hardware as tore / garden center

Please fill out the Support Ticket. Please be as complete as possible if you want help.

Pot size, PH, watering frequency and from what source, lighting, etc. It’s all important,

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
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One of my quick fix tries when there is an issue is to use RO water instead of tap. You can also fill gallon jugs with tap and let them sit for at least a day before using them to water your plants. If you have access to Reverse Osmosis water that seems to be what my plants prefer.


Also the water for the plants is well water.

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Let me tag you into my journal:

About halfway down is a grow using Promix HP and GH nutes

Plant does not look bad. There are a few leaves toward the bottom that are scruffy but that’s normal. Color is okay, you really need to know your TDS; especially in media (although with compost in the mix I’m not sure WHAT you have)

The problem with mixing a soil is to be able to a: provide the needed nutrients and b: buffer the soil to the correct PH. This is where other soils break down and fail for cannabis (think Miracle Gro) due to multiple PH lockouts of nutes. Then you end up chasing that for the rest of the grow.

You need to get a digital PH meter (Amazon has em for under $20) so you can do a runoff test and start testing your input. It is highly likely that the plant needs additional support because your soil is incomplete. We need to see what the PPM of the runoff really is before starting to feed.


Just a guess here but I would say this looks more like a ph or hard water issue. I would say it isn’t a cal mag issue though.


I have been on an amazon frenzy all morning, got a digital ph meter and the tds meter also along with more ph up and down because my well water is always a little basic. I appreciate the help, I have almost successfully harvested a WWA from the same medium with the same everything, it just didn’t have those yellowing leaves so fast.


So hard water can be an issue for the plants too?

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I would just trim off all the lower leaves that are yellow and continue on. i get some of those in my grows as well once In a while. If it was just those lowers and nothing else. it would not bother me personally. And to hard of water can cause a lot of issues. It killed my first grow. I finally figured out that was part of my issue by the time I was done. Things have been great since. My water here starts off at 535ppm


That is really good to know. My water here is super hard being from a well. What did you do to fix it for the plants, or did you just use RO from the store?