Help, Should I Harvest Now or Later?

  • What strain: Northern Lights Auto (2 on left), Unknown (1 in back on right)
  • • Method: Hydroponics
  • • Vessels: Reservoir
  • • PH of Water: 5.5-6.0
  • • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: Unknown
  • • Indoor
  • • Light system: Mars Hydro LEDs
  • • Temps; Day (70-78F), Night (68-76F)
  • • Humidity; 35-60%
  • • Ventilation system; Yes
  • • AC
  • • Co2; Yes

I’m at day 65 and the leaves do not appear to be doing so well. This is my first grow so I’m worried about waiting too long to harvest before I screw up something. Should I wait a few more days/weeks to harvest or should I harvest soon?

Lots of white pistils, which means you’ve got a ways to go. You won’t be disappointed, as the flowers will continue to bulk up.

Your plant is experiencing nitrogen toxicity. It is what is causing the dark leaves and burned edges. @Myfriendis410 will know, or know someone, who can help with how to address nitrogen toxicity in a hydro grow. I’m interested in knowing as well.


Thanks so much! That video was super helpful.

No way to help without this data. In hydro the first two tools you should own are a decent PH and TDS meter.

Actual wattage draw?

If you aren’t in a sealed environment with insane light levels, using bottled gas, you are wasting your time and money.

Without knowing the salt concentration of your rez it’s absolutely impossible to help you.

Do you know your water temp? Is air going to the solution?


You have been pushing ur plants hard lots of nute burn but i agree there are plenty of white pistols still have at least two weeks i would say

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The PPM/TDS should be low. I’ve only been using distilled water in the reservoir for the past week.

The lights are Mars TS600 full spectrum LEDs so I think 100W actual draw equivalent to 600W.

I don’t have bottled CO2 (didn’t even know that was a thing). I’m using pads.

Water temp is room (about 70F) and yes there’s an air pump going to a stone in the reservoir.

This is entirely marketing and light is inadequate (by far) from properly flowering out the plant.

Your plant shown is not very far along in flower and again, without knowing what the plant had been exposed to it’s not possible to diagnose. Plant should not be on distilled water yet IMO. Leaves are burned and will not recover. Along with plant being in flower you won’t get much if any new leaf growth.

I would discontinue the CO2 as it’s not doing nor going to do anything, sorry.