Help sexing regular 40 day plants


Im on my First growth with 4 regular plants. Trying to figure it out about the sex. Maybe its too early or maybe its not and someone can give a litle help in here.
Theyre with 40 days.

Configs and aspects:

2x2x6 Tent
1 x ventilator
1 x 5” exaust inline fan
1 x 4” inhale inline fan
1 x Dehumidifier 250ml/day

Growing in 5 galons fabric bags.
Inert soil – peat + perlite 70/30.

Humidity is around 70% (growing on the beach, humidity always on 85% plus outside)
Temperature 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Thanks ni advance!


Bit early to tell yet.
Could possibly be a pistol in the first pic.


Agreed, getting there but not there yet


Thanks for the help!

I got a little confused… when you sad “pistol” youre aimiming for pistils (female) or pistol as a male?? hahaha

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Pistils = female


Second picture looks like some pistils but still early

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All pre flower growth us elongated no round “balls” in sight id bet my money on female female female


Sounds good to me!!

Agreed, little ladies

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Hello all!
Just an update. Turns out to be 3 females indeed.

They switch to 12/12 light period on 12/06, so theyre within 21 days in flower now.

The bigger plant in that time, the indica dominant, turns out to be the smaller one right now. The other two, very sativa dominants, are just enormous and flowering fast. Theres just a lot of pistils, theres no buds yet…

I was feeding every 5 days, now theyre drinking every 3 days. As soon the buds starts to get some weight, ill start feeding every 2 days maybe.

sativa 1 - LST and TOP trim - she has now 5 top buds.

sativa 2 - Only FIM trim, no LST at all. Shes the bigger one, with 4 large top buds.

Indica - LST + TOP trim - The smaller one… 3 top buds, and a small plant. I almost removed her from the tent. I hope she turns out to got some fat buds…