Help setting up hydroponic grow

What’s the best equipment I could be using for 2 separate perpetual harvests going at once including 2 separate chambers for vegetative stage so when 1 of the vegetative and flowering chambers has finished it’s light cycle, the other vegetative and flowering chamber starts it’s light cycle (all done on timer) with 10 plants in each chamber (40 all up)

How much money do you have? :wink: lol We could spend all day on this topic. I am sure you will soon be flooded with replies. I would use a room and divide it as opposed to grow tents. Just for starters, I would want to set up a clone operation.

Reoky so I can get a fix on your logistics. :slight_smile:

I’m not on a budget I’m happy to fork out for top shelf. I like the sound of using a grow room instead of a tent it would be much better.

How big of a room do you have? This will be fun.

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I think it’s about 14m2 but I don’t mind extending if need be

That’d be a big room! I have about 10 ft^2, which is enough for a 4x4 or 5x5 grow plus room for cloning, and I’m going to wall-off enough room for one veg as well.

For “best! money no object!!”, you’re going to want to get HUGE HONKING LED lights … something like HLG 650r or Scorpion for flower, HLG 600Bspec for veg. If you add any more light than that, you’ll probably want to supplement co2…

Hydroponic? Soil? There’s some youtube videos of folks with garage-sized grow rooms, you could learn a lot from those (I did).

Will you need a heater or AC? Humidifier and/or dehumidifier? If hydroponic, you probably need a chiller, RO/DI equipment and reservoir …

Staying in the money-no-object mode, if hydro, you’d want some sort of all-singing all-dancing controller and at least one automated pH controller w/peristaltic pump.

… I’m sure there’s more.

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@thedeernad Bruh you might enjoy this :sunglasses::v:t2:

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If only money wasnt a barrier…