Help! Seedlings stretching?

So, I’d stop the fan immediately. You really risk drying those seedlings out. I’m not saying don’t have air movement, but you need a medium that isn’t too moist and a very humid airspace. Most people have domes over their tender plants to achieve this


2ozs a month??? Damn, my wife and I smoke all day every day and couldn’t smoke 2 ozs a month without being comatose. Just saying.

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That depends on the quality too.

Didn’t read the whole post but I promise you that those lights you have are the problem. Another member posted on the same lights. Same results. You need better lighting. Cheers!

agreed with dbrn32 there obiRon (nice nick by the way :slight_smile: ) I had same issue. Mine were stretching TALL like that but SUCH puny stalks and nearly translucent you could see when taken outdoors to reverse the symptoms. I had a light, LED, billed at 1000W but actually DREW at from the wall-socket, 105W…NOT enough. You will find here in the journals and on other sites, that the minimum indoors you need is 150W per plant. I had to drop back and punt (move them out, and send light back :slight_smile: ). Will be getting a MUCH better light soon for some to come in but the other ones that REALLY turned around when taken outdoors and thickened about 5 or more times what they were in a week and a half, are hardy enough i’m gonna let them do their thing in a spot in the ground when they have to come out of the pots they’re in.

Those lights you showed said 54W but i’m curious what they actually draw. I’m certainly no expert, i came here seeking advice about it too but it APPEARS, the plants are telling you exactly what is being suggested , as mine were telling me :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, over the course of a week, gradually increase the time spent outdoors/in sun. In the beginning, less time less sun, towards the end more time more sun. Thoughts?

Im 2 days in. Tomorrow will be day three.

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Yes totally, I put mine under our big oak tree and the sun still hits them but not full power, 3 days and they should be good in my opinion.

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10 days from germination:

Im planning to give these babies another 5 days or so of hardening off before planting them in 5 gallon Smart Pots with Fox Farm OF with Mykos in the rootball hole. I already purchased Bergmans Plant food from ILGM. They will be in full sun most of the day. I have a pH tester along with materials to lower the pH and raise if need be. My pH meter has been telling me that my Fox Farm HF is coming in at 7.5 and my soil at home in containers for veggies (NOT in FF HF) is running close to that too. Thats about it. Looking forward to your support, you guys have been awesome so far.

Bringing these bad boys outside these past few days have really helped out. The stalks are still a little leggy but they are getting strong. And the leaves are getting bigger too. Thanks to all who suggested getting them outside for good old sun asap.

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@MrPeat @pillsbury @KeystoneCops @Audiofreak @Sincitytoker @TheVirginian
Here’s some photo updates

They were moved outside into their final pots.
Smart Pots with a mix of FF OF and HF with Mykos in the holes they were planted in. They seem to be doing well but I’d love input. Thanks again, all!


The Black Cherries not looking so good. The others are fine. :+1:


LOL, those are Black Beauty Heirloom Tomato seedlings. Yeah they aint doing too good. Brought them out too early. :frowning:

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Appears i’ve run out of likes, lol…but i like it, a lot, evidently lol :smiley: They’re looking nice!! Thanks for the tag. Hoping it’s just “too early” for the BIG light outside like you suspect on the beauties :slight_smile: My SLH was looking a little yellow on lower stalk/leaves until i did that soil mix change and it tripled in size in past week since doing that. Besides my soil being “dead” (was at LEAST from 2014 when the ex left, she was the last to plant anything in those pots, lol), i think it was an “over-watering” thing. Not that i was watering any more on it, than ALL the rest planted the same day. I believe it had more perlite and that it, or it’s lack of original qualities was making the soil stay TOO wet where the other pots, even those with the same soil and perlite in it, would have dried out nearly totally by next watering a couple to few days later. Once i gave them all the same soil EVERYTHING took off. Looking forward to your progress and most of all HAVE FUN!!! I never thought i’d get “giddy” over growing a plant but I can’t WAIT some days to go check :smiley: Especially now that they’re skyrocketing again in growth.

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Looking wat better…:+1::+1:

My babies are one month old today. Heres some photos to show the progress. They are starting to look healthy and strong. They are really going strong. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, Ill keep updating.

@TheVirginian @Davyg @MrPeat @Sincitytoker @pillsbury @dbrn32 @IslandGrown76 @OooWee1184 @KeystoneCops

Thanks again, Ya’ll.


@ObiRonKenobi Looking good…they loving the sunlight. :+1::+1:

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Great job.
They look healthy and happy.

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Looks sturdy, nice stem.

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Thank you for the tag. Nice healthy looking babies you have there, very healthy looking :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Nice thick main stems. Looking good my friend! I don’t see any issues :slight_smile:

Yeah they’re DEFINITELY seeming to like being in the sun and are responding in kind (hehe). Yours didn’t get as leggy and spaced on nodes thankfully. BEAUTIFUL ladies, Obi

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