Help: seedlings don't look healthy (lime green/yellowish)?

Hi All,

I both appreciate and thank you in advance for your help!

Attached is a few pics of a few seedlings. The medium is 50% coco, 40% perlite and 10% diamascious earth (DE).

5 days from sprouting through medium. Temp is 25C and humidity is 60%. 20/4 light schedule.

Any ideas on what is wrong with them? The leaves are looking lime green/yellowish and they should be a darker green…Is it overwatering? Lack of Nitrogen? CalMag?

Please help as these are autoflowers and this stress will affect the final yield…

Thanks again

Soil looks pretty wet so I’d say overwatered. Let them dry out for a few days. Seedlings use very minimal water for the first few weeks. Overall, they don’t look bad.

They love wet/dry cycles. It will let you know when it needs water. One of mine popped a few days ago and I haven’t watered at all since and it’s doing great. I’ll upload a pic.

Thank you so very much for your reply! I am thinking the same so fingers crossed that will be the cure!

Do you think I have screwed up the final yield due to early stress???


They will be fine as long as you get the watering under control. I know it’s hard to leave your plants alone when they are so small but that’s all it needs. A few days to dry out and they should perk up nicely.

You’re in coco?