Help! Seedling leaf tip turning brown!

Hello, this is my first time growing. As you can see from the pics, one of the leaves on my seedling is turning brown and I’m not sure why. I water once per day with a about 10 sprays of distilled water around the seedling. Any help on this matter is highly appreciated!

Here is a picture of the light I’m using:

Here is a picture of the seedling as of today:

And here is the distance of my light (yes, it’s a very basic setup :slight_smile: ):


Looks ok so far.
Just don’t get water on the plant. Better to use a dropper and not a sprayer.
You don’t really need to water every day at this point. If the container feels really light then water around the outside and then wait till its light again. Seedlings root fast. I started a seedling for an experiment and let it go 3 weeks without watering and it is still alive.
Don’t go that long, but just don’t worry too much about watering all the time.


Welcome to the community!

Don’t water every day! This is always a newbie mistake. Get a clear solo cup, or gallon Ziploc bag opened up, spritz with distilled water a couple times, and place over your baby. They like a wet/dry cycle. This helps the roots expand. After it’s too big for the cup or bag, give about a shot glass of water in a circle a couple inches around the stem. Let the roots work.

*Make sure your water is ph’ed, unless using distilled or reverse osmosis.

Your light. I highly recommend a quality +150w LED. Quality lighting is key to fat, dense buds. I mean of course good feeding regimens and some other factors, but indoor growing without a good lighting setup, can have a major impact on yield and quality. HLG, SpiderFarmer, just to name a couple, make great lights.

Those round pedals are the cotyledons. It’s fairly common for them to get a blemish here and there. They will eventually start to whither and be consumed by the plant. Slowing down on watering can help slow this down.

Your seedling looks pretty healthy. Remember wet/dry, try to upgrade your light, and this forum is an incredible place to get all the info you need! Good luck and happy growing!


Thanks so much! Appreciate the help!


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: The first leaves are always a bit wonky. The girls are just waking up. Have fun

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Quick update… My cotyledons are curling up and the first fan leaves haven’t moved an inch.

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