Help! Seedling drooping *First time Grow*

First time grower, Im 5 days after germination using rockwool, everything was fine this morning
I lightly sprayed the cubes around noon because they were dry on the outside, came back about 6 hours later and had one doubling over as shown in pictures, but the rest seem fine.
I started using a light nutrient water starting yesterday with an EC of about .4 to .5

The temperature usually stays around 75-82 around the plants and RH around 64-75 when tent is closed.

They are in a 4x4 Tent, I have been running the vent fan on low 24/7 but hadn’t had my inside fan blowing on the seedlings yet, but turned it on after seeing the drooping one.

They are Auto WW seeds if that matters

Thanks in advance!

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Forgot to mention i was balancing my water to 5.8 PH

Still no idea what caused this, maybe the mashed cube, maybe the nutes, maybe because i had no fan going until now, I Decided to use a bread tie to hold it up and hopefully it will recover,
also going to be putting the nutrients away and going back to just RO water until more leafs show.
Pics for update:


Welcome I have no experience with rock wool so I will stick to the welcome


Same here, welcome to the forum

Looks like you’ve done what you can by propping her up, now I’d just keep her wool moist(?) and wait for her to hopefully grow upwards


Sometimes that can happen when the humidity is not high enough for the plant are you using a dome? You don’t have to but I usually wait till they’re about 2 in tall before I taper the dome off and get it used to normal humidity levels for your environment. Also I would pH to 6.0 at this point in there development I know a lot of people do lower when it comes to rockwool but 6.0 is usually right on the money.

Welcome to the forum :grin:


Welcome to the forum! I’m new at this too so I’m no help. I’m interested to know about that mashed cube tho. Good luck with getting her back upright and with your grow.


Welcome to ILGM @Aephyra Im no rockwool user neither but @Myfriendis410 does. Or used to… or hopefully did lol. Something like that.

I dont believe its a reason to be alarmed however. She’s likely just reacting to the spritzing. Sometimes you get a finicky seedling. If she felt overwatering, she should bounce back (with the help of ur nice lil kickstand) basically by end of day. If she’s underwaterd, ull see sadder face by later and just spritz a wee bit closer to her possible roots.

Again not a rockwool user but Id wager its one or the other.

Are you planning on using hydro? Humor us with ur future setup why dont ya hehe.


I hate rockwool.

Light could come down some to reduce stretch, R/O only until plants are in their home (assuming soilless) or water only if in soil. Use cannabis optimized media for your plants. FF or Roots Organic, Coast of Maine, Black Magic, all make a cannabis friendly soil.


The cube was smashed from putting it into a tray that wasnt made for it, when i tried removing the rockwool the plastic from the tray pulled inward to the rockwool instead of letting it slide out.

Unfortunate, but lesson learned

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Still looking very weak, and about half the size as the others, but alive.

Went to the store and got some hydrogaurd and put into the watering mix to try and help the roots out a bit (in my mind the plant is hurting due to the bad root growth underneath)
Im watering with very low strength nutrients/cal mag/hydrogaurd mix.
I water by pouring onto the bottom side of cube while holding it sideways to keep the top end dry(ish) only when the cubes feel light or dry to the touch

Also forgot to mention these will be going into hydroton DWC in 5Gal buckets.

Pictures for today’s update (around 24 hours after drooping started) :


Looks ok prop her up give a few days still young she does not have any legs yet.


Beautiful babies there @Aephyra . How in the world do you get your newbies to get such bulky/thick stalks? Mine always seem so thin/frail and leggy when they start. I’m about to post to my thread the one that broke ground 2wks ago today. She seems SO thin stalked in comparison to your babies and is probably at least twice that height already. Following along with your grow.

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Sounds like your ladies are stretching to reach the light.

That’s what i thought too @Docnraq but good grief it’s SEEMS too close to the light to me at 2 1/2 - 3"… there’s actually a LOT of conflicting info/opinion on new sprouts it seems. Lots use domes, some don’t. Some say they use their regular lighting in tent but at like 30", some say that’s TOO much. I’m trying to give them that happy medium somewhere to start out strong and healthy. I’ll figure it out eventually (plant/light placement at beginning stages :wink: )

I too am struggling with conflicting info, I’m going no dome (now) and just trying to read my plant

She is doing soooo great too

I figure in a year or two I might have enough for a joint or two😉


With seedlings, you can use a simple cfl bulb for the first week. I have been using my marshydro ts1000 to start. 1st time I did it at recommended dimming and spacing, second time I used at 100% but 24 inches away- worked great both ways.
On the first grow I would stick to one teacher. Follow their tek from start to finish. Follow Bergman’s guides to the letter. After that, start considering, what 6 out of 10 times is, bro sciences (a collection of methods that work, but are loosely rooted in any actual science)
Check out Dr. Bruce Bugbee on YouTube for a college level course on Marijuana


Only about 70 days

I don’t use domes I use sandwich bags with the corners cut for air exchange.

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“liked” and understood. It seems to vary for strains what they need also because i have 5 (or is it 6…lol) strains going now and they ALL responded differently to same lighting/techniques. I’m kind of “crash coursing” and absorbing a LOT of info and of course taking notes on positive/negative results, and using “the mean sum” of information i access/absorb to not just take ONE word of advice but the collaboration by MANY, on the same positive facts/results if that makes sense and adjusting the means by which they achieve those things, to what i have on hand to work with :slight_smile:


Like the title says, This is my first grow, I only planted them maybe a half inch into the rockwool, reverse osmosis water and used my best light for germination (immediately after planting and running24/7 until sprout) instead of one of my lesser ones.
it is a mars hydro tsw 2000 (300w LED) i used it on about 50% power about one and a half feet from led bulbs which was just enough for me to feel the heat with my hand after a few seconds (plant level) they also had a humidity dome with the top holes open only until the sprouts stood up all the way.

Ive slowly been turning my light up because i want the light to be as strong as possible without hurting the leaves. they seem to be liking my light on 100% and only about 1 foot above.
Hopefully that may help. I hear skinny stalks are from light being too far

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I think the droopy one is too far gone. seems like no progress being made,
What do you guys opinions?? I have the seeds to replace her.

2 of the 3 healthy ones had a root sticking about 3mm out from the bottom of the cubes (Cube was pretty much sitting on the root)
So i decided to move all of them to their final home, the 5 Gal buckets.
Water is 6.0 PH, 500ppm, (.8 to 1 EC)
Flora Series
Rapid Start
The water level is about 1 inch under the basket lid, letting the bubbles splash and hit the hydroton and bottom of the rockwool cube, The Rockwool cubes are sitting directly on the bottom of the nets to avoid any issues of the roots finding the water source.
These pictures are about 22 hours after the move to the hydro buckets. seem to be doing well!

Feel free to share thoughts or pics of your own!